Dry-process Sand-making Plant

Because there are many problems with conventional Sand-making technique and equipment, such as the wet-process sand-making technique often cause dust pollution and lots of waste water and sludge, what’s more, due to the unreasonable gradation and flat strip shape of particles, the quality of the manufacutred sand is far from the requirements of modern concrete performance. To solve these problems, Zenith set one special research group and finally fond the solution and developped the VU series Dry-process Sand-making Plant.

This VU series Dry-process Sand-making Plant set following advantages as a whole:
1. High Efficiency in production
Both the crushing &grinding and screening technology is optimized, thus the efficiency is greatly inproved. In addition, the energy consumption is obviously reduced.
2. High Efficiency in operation
The intergrative tower design take a little floor area, so the foundation-building cost is cut down.
3. High-quality—complete complies with the sand requirements of concrete standard.
Owing to the flexible design and technology innovation of sand-making crusher, both the gradation and shape are quite good.
4. It’s easy to meet various high environment-protection standard.
The fully-closed delivery and production and vacuum-baased dust collection ensure no flying dust on the production site.
5. High return against investment can greatly increase the investors’ competitive power.
The VU series Dry-process Sand-making Plant is capable to converting the cheap and readily available chip stone and peastone into quality sand of high value. In China, the gross profit of such quality sand is at the rate of RMB30-50 per ton.

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