Feldspar Features

Feldspar plays an important role as a kind of fluxing agent in ceramics and glass applications. It can also used as functional fillers in the paint, plastics, rubber and adhesive industries.
Feldspar is an important ingredient in the manufacture of glass because it can act as a kind of fluxing agent to reduce the melting temperature of quartz and to help to control the viscosity of glass. The alkali content in feldspar can cool down the temperature of glass, and thus reducing production costs.

Feldspar crushing Process

Big blocky feldspars are fed to the jaw crusher evenly by vibrating feeder through a hopper for primary crushing. After first crushing, the broken materials will be fed into cone crusher by belt conveyor for secondary crushing. Then, materials will be transported to vibrating screen for classifying. After classifying, finished aggregate that meets requirements will be separated out as final products, while unqualified aggregate will be returned to cone crusher. This whole process can form a closed circuit for aggregate production. Size of final products can be determined according to users’ specific requirements.
If you want to get feldspar powder, grinding process is required after crushing process.Only when materialsare crushed to below 20mm, can they then sent to grinding mills.

NO. Equipment Model Number
I Hopper LC3/LC4 1
II Vibrating Feeder F5X1045 1
III Jaw Crusher PE600x900 1
IV Vibrating Feeder GZD1200x2000 1
V Cone Crusher HST160 (H1) 1
VI Vibrating Screen S5X2160 1
VII Iron-remover RCYD-8 1
NO. Name Length(m) Number
B1 B800 10+25 1
B2 B800 24 1
B3 B800 27 1
B4 B500 24 1
B5 B500 30 4
NO. Equipment Model Number
I Hopper LC4 1
II Vibrating Feeder F5X1360 1
III Jaw Crusher PEW860 1
IV Cone Crusher HST250 & HPT300 1
V Vibrating Screen S5X2460-2 1
VI Iron-remover RCYD-10 1
NO. Name Length(m) Number
B1 B650 19 1
B2 B800 9+39 1
B3 B800 9+23 1
B4 B1000 14+37 1
B5 B1000 22+29 1
B6 B650 9+30 1
B7 B650 30 1
B8 B1000 30 1
B9 B500 18 4
B10 B500 25 1
NO. Equipment Model Number
I Hopper LC7 1
II Vibrating Feeder F5X1660 1
III Vibrating Feeder GZD1200X2000 7
IV Jaw Crusher C6X145 1
V Cone Crusher HST315(S2), HPT500(F1)*2 3
VI Vibrating Screen S5X3072-2*3,S5X2760-2*2, S5X2460-2 6
VII Iron-remover RCYD-12 1
NO. Name Length(m) Number
B1 B1200 34 1
B2 B1200 26+29 1
B3 B1200 26 1
B4 B1200 29+78 1
B5 B1000 25+27 2
B6 B1000 26 2
B7 B800 22+27 1
B8 B1200 22+34 1
B9 B800 10+26 4
B10 B800 10+20 2
B11 B800 21 1
B12 B800 20 1
B13 B500 15 1
NO. Equipment Model Number
I Hopper LC7 1
II Vibrating Feeder F5X1660 1
III Vibrating Feeder GZD1200X2000 1
IV Jaw Crusher C6X160 1
V Cone Crusher HST250(S1)*2,HPT500(M)*3 5
VI Vibrating Screen S5X3072-2*7,S5X2760-2 8
VII Iron-remover RCYD-12 1
NO. Name Length(m) Number
B1 B1000 25 1
B2 B1000 25 1
B3 B650 8+65+26 1
B4 B1400 40 1
B5 B1200 25+27 1
B6 B1200 32 1
B7 B1400 40+90+20 1
B8 B1200 40+38 1
B9 B1200 36+50+26 1
B10 B1000 9+42+26 1
B11 B800 11+42+26 1
B12 B1000 11+43+26 1

Customer Cases

Oman 300TPH Limestone Crushing Plant

Location:Saham, Oman
Input Size:Below 720mm
Output Size:0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, (Oman standard)

Russia 300-350TPH Granite Crushing Plant

Input Size:Below 700mm
Output Size:0-5mm, 40-70mm (0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm)

Mecca 500TPH Granite Crushing Plant

Input Size:Below 1000mm
Output Size:0-10mm, 10-13mm, 13-20mm, 20-25mm
Capacity:400-500TPH (12 hours per day)

Saudi Arabia 600TPH Granite Crushing Plant

Location:Saudi Arabia

Vietnam 250TPH Limestone Crushing Plant

Input Size:Below 210mm
Output Size:0-3mm

Zambia 200TPH Granite Crushing Plant

InputSize:Below 650mm

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