Project Background

The customer’s industry involves various construction materials. All the raw materials needed have been purchased from outside. The biggest problem of these raw materials is high cost and the quality and supplication cannot be guaranteed, which can no longer meet the requirements of the surrounding market.
With the traditional manufactured sand making plant is also criticized for its poor particle gradation, large modulus of fineness and low concrete strength, as a well-known local construction company, the customer decided to assemble a high-quality aggregates optimization system. The customer visited a number of manufacturers across the country, and after careful comparisons, the customer finally decided to use our VUS300 Tower-like Sand Making System.

Project Advantages


The optimized VUS300 Sand Making System, which can produce 180-250 tons manufactured sand in an hour, occupying only 24.5m × 10m × 27m of space.


The system is equipped with a sand maker, which adopts the principle of “rock on rock” to re-shape aggregates. The fineness modulus of finished product is adjustable between 2.5-3.0. And the powder content can be controlled from 3%-15%.


The visual operating station can be configured so that customers can know the operation situation of the equipment. In case of failure, the system can automatically alarm and stop.


The system uses dry method to process aggregates to save energy and protect environment. And it adopts negative pressure dust removal system, which meets the national requirements of the emission standards.

Customer Evaluation

The VUS300 Sand Making System completely solves our problem of raw material supplication. And it has no dust pollution. Since the plant has been put into operation, its quality is high and production is stable. 

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Customer Cases

Oman 300TPH Limestone Crushing Plant

Location:Saham, Oman
Input Size:Below 720mm
Output Size:0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, (Oman standard)

Russia 300-350TPH Granite Crushing Plant

Input Size:Below 700mm
Output Size:0-5mm, 40-70mm (0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm)

Mecca 500TPH Granite Crushing Plant

Input Size:Below 1000mm
Output Size:0-10mm, 10-13mm, 13-20mm, 20-25mm
Capacity:400-500TPH (12 hours per day)

Saudi Arabia 600TPH Granite Crushing Plant

Location:Saudi Arabia

Vietnam 250TPH Limestone Crushing Plant

Input Size:Below 210mm
Output Size:0-3mm

Zambia 200TPH Granite Crushing Plant

InputSize:Below 650mm

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