Shanxi 30000TPY Cement Grinding Line

Design Scheme
Raw Material: Sulphoaluminate cement clinker, Portland cement, metakaolin, lime and gypsum
Input Size: <1mm
Moisture: <5%
Capacity: 30000Tons/Year
Application: The finished product would be used as slurry and filling material.

Project Profile
Shanxi Jincheng Anthracite Mining Group Co., LTD., a state-owned company, purchased a complete set of equipment for anchoring agent production. It is an approval of our brand influence on the one hand and a trust in our XZM1250 Superfine Mill and related auxiliary equipment. The cooperation deepens the mutual trust and win-win between us.
The new complete set of equipment for anchoring agent production takes centralized control system and can achieve automatic production as well as automatic trouble removal. The operation is quite easy.

Requirements of Production
1. No grinding: The raw material of anchoring agent is weighed and distributed by weighing system and then the material enters the agravic mixing system for mixture. Finally, the finished product is sent by pneumatic conveying system to the tank for storage and transported away after being packaged.
2. Ground by mill: The raw material of anchoring agent is weighed and distributed by weighing system and then the material enters the agravic mixing system and the mixture is then sent to the grinding system to be ground and classified. Finally, the finished product is sent by pneumatic conveying system to the tank for storage and transported away after being packaged.

Configuration of Production Line
Different from typical configuration, the configuration of production line provided by ZENITH was improved according to customer’s demands. The main machine was XZM1250 superfine mill and the auxiliary machines include spiral conveyor, powder packaging machine and pneumatic conveyor. This configuration totally met the requirement of production technology of anchoring agent.

Technologies of Production
Taking PLC control system and visualized touch-screen operation, the system is highly automatic and the configuration is reasonable.
The first stage:
Feeding system: The raw materials including cement, lime and gypsum stored at separate material bins are sent by feeding equipment to the weighing system.
The second stage:
Weighing system: Different materials are weighed and made to be ingredient in proportion.
The third stage:
Mixing system: The ingredient enters agravic mixing machine to be mixed fully.
The fourth stage:
Grinding system: The mixture is fed into superfine mill for grinding and classification. This is the key step. The main equipment XZM1250 superfine mill can grind the ingredient into superfine powder whose size can be controlled around 1250 meshes.
The fifth stage:
Conveying, packaging and storage system: The finished products are collected by impulse dust collector and enter the storage tank through pneumatic conveying system. And they are transported to other places after being packaged.

Why Chose ZENITH’s Equipment for Anchoring Agent Production?
01 Integrated Design Scheme
After using professional tools to survey and plan the production site, ZENITH offer a comprehensive and detailed design scheme to the customer. We offered more suitable scheme for machine selection and listed the machines. Meanwhile, we analyzed the costs of project and drew design pictures for the customer. According to different special demands, we customized the design and technological process of the production line.
02 Automatic Anchoring Agent Production Line
To achieve high efficiency, low pollution and less labor, we took the PLC control system and the production line is highly automatic.
03 Assistance occurs during Installation, Commissioning and Training
According to the actual conditions of production line, our team finished the installation of machines and the commissioning of the production line professionally and normatively, which helps save time costs a lot. And during this period, the team organized training and instructions for the workers at the site.
04 Check and Acceptance of Project Would Never Bring the Service to An End
After finishing the project, our colleagues from machine management department thoroughly checked and tested the function and quality of machines with our customer. Then the customer filled in the acceptance receipt which was put in the archives later. During the check and acceptance, we answered all questions put forward by the customer carefully. Later, our regular services including supply of spare parts, equipment maintenance call-back and revisit of production line was highly praised by our customer.

Technological Advantages of Core Machines
The core machine XZM1250 Superfine Mill is the new grinding equipment with high efficiency but low costs. Based on years of experience on mill manufacturing and absorption of advanced foreign technologies, the mill has been developed after multiple inspections, researches and experiments.
1. High Efficiency
The new grinding curve of grinding roller and ring increases the grinding efficiency. Under same fineness and power, its capacity is higher than that of pneumatic mill and mixing mill by 40%, two times of that of ball mill. The energy consumption is 30% of that of pneumatic mill.
2. High Fineness
The single-head and multi-head powder separator can be chosen freely. Speed of every rotor of multi-head powder separator can be controlled and the fineness of finished product can be achieved within prescribed standards. The finished products can be free from second classification and there is no point worrying the emergence of inferior materials. The content of finished products whose size is below 2μm is as high as 70%.
3. Environment Protection
The use of impulse dust remover, muffler and sound-proof room exerts a positive influence on surroundings. The dust emission and noise reduction totally meets the international standard.
4. Low Costs
The grinding roller and ring are made for special material which increases the using effect greatly. When processing same kind of material and requiring same fineness, the life-expectancy of quick-wear parts of XZM1250 Superfine Mill is two or three times of that of impact crusher and turbine crusher. When processing calcium carbonate and calcite, the life expectancy can reach 2 to 5 years.

Customer Feedback
After inspecting the production site, the engineers offered a perfect scheme of anchoring agent production line which used the XZM1250 mill as the main equipment and mixing machine, pneumatic conveyor, elevator and feeder as the auxiliary machines. Since operation, the production line has been stable. And the quality and yielding is out of our expectations. ZENITH deserves the reputation!

Extended Reading
Supporting Material --- Anchoring Agent
The support by anchor bolt is a new method used in tunnel of coal mine. It is widely used in mine production. The use of anchor bolt supporting system occupies over 85% mines and presents the understanding advantages. As the main component of anchor bolt supporting system, anchoring agents develop quickly. The anchoring agents can be classified into cement anchoring agent and resin anchoring agent.



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