Zhejiang 15TPH Coal Grinding Line

Basic Introduction
Customer: A famous coal powder supplier in Zhejiang
Equipment: A complete set of LM130M system
Material: Raw coal
Capacity: 15Tons/Hour
Planned date of Operation: March, 2016

Project Profile
At the beginning of 2015, ZENITH's after-sales service team knew that the customer was planning to enlarge the scale of MTW175 coal grinding production line during the period of revisit of production lines. Later, our technological team negotiated with the customer in details. Connecting the existing production line to the demand on upgrading, we customized a scientific expansion scheme which won approval once more and customer reached consensus with us. Finally, the customer bought a set of LM130M Vertical Mill. This was the second cooperation after the customer bought our MTW175 mill in March, 2013.

Technological Process

The coal stored in the coal bin is sent by belt conveyor to the elevator and enters to the buffer bin before being ground. By weighing belt feeder, coal is sent to LM130M to be ground and then qualified coal powder is selected out by separator and then collected by anti-explosive impulse dust collector. The collected coal powder enters the buffer hopper and to the conveying system further. Finally, the coal powder enters the tank for storage through pneumatic conveying system.
The system is equipped with hot-wind drying system, suitable for the treatment of coal with high moisture. Because coal powder is a kind of flammable and combustible material, the installation of CO2 fire extinguishing system, anti-explosive system and gas monitor can monitor the air composition dynamically and help avoid emergencies.

Advantage of Project
At ZENITH, the regular revisit to the production lines is a special service. This cooperation can ascribe to the service of revisit. The revisit helped us know customer's intention on the expansion of existing production line at the first time. But the reasons for choosing ZENITH again are as follows:
1. Integrated service makes operation free from worries
In light of the different demands of customers, customized production lines are the lightspots of ZENITH service. According to customers' demand and site planning, ZENITH is responsible for all steps of the projects including scheme design, equipment list, project pricing, installation & commissioning and project acceptance. Meanwhile, we can design special technological processes in terms of special requirements. For customers, the integrated solutions can help save much time and cost.
2. Automated eco-friendly design saves labor force
To meet the demands for high efficiency, low pollution and low labor strength, the LM130M coal powder production line is controlled by PLC with high automation. Meanwhile, the system runs under negative pressure and no powder spilling ensures the environment protection.
3. Sophisticated after-sales system guarantees the machine maintenance
After the accomplishment of MTW175 project, the customer checked and accepted the project together with ZENITH equipment management department. During acceptance, we answered all questions asked by the customer timely. Later, our User Center offered the services like spare part supply, equipment maintenance and upgrading, revisit to the site. The customer spoke highly of our services and our service became the premise of the second cooperation on LM130M.

Why Chose ZENITH Again?
When it comes to the second cooperation, the customer put, “The MTW175 European Mill we purchased from ZENITH firstly has been stable. Besides, ZENITH performed well for the spare part supply and revisit, making us satisfied. Because of the high-quality equipment and services, we trusted in ZENITH and decided to cooperate with ZENITH once more. Meanwhile, we are expecting that the cooperation can last forever.”



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