Common Raw Materials Suitable for Processing in Cone Crusher

Cone crusher is used for crushing various mid-hard and above mid-hard ores and rocks. They utilize rotating conical crushing chambers and an adjustable crusher head to provide size reduction through compression.

Cone crusher can efficiently process a variety of mediums hard and abrasive materials including iron ore, limestone, non-ferrous metal ores, granite, and basalt. Their conical crushing cavities allow size reduction of hard rocks while adjustable settings enable control over product gradation.

Common Raw Materials Suitable for Processing in Cone Crusher

The suitability of a specific raw material for cone crushers depends on its hardness, abrasiveness, moisture content, and size distribution. Here are some common raw materials suitable for cone crushers:

Limestone - As one of the most abundant and widely used raw materials, it is often used as a building material and in the production of cement. Limestone is well-suited for cone crushing due to its medium hardness. Cone crushers can efficiently reduce limestone to the desired sizes.

Granite - Granite is a very hard rock and abrasive material. Hydraulic cone crushers are able to handle granite well with their adjustable crushing cavities that can be opened or closed for size control.

Marble - Cone crushers with appropriate liners and wear parts can effectively handle the abrasiveness of marble without excessive wear and tear. Cone crushers can produce a wide range of particle sizes, allowing for flexibility in achieving the desired final product. The adjustable settings of cone crushers enable control over the discharge opening, which affects the size distribution of the crushed marble.

Pebble - Pebble generally have a hardness between 6 and 7 on the Mohs scale, which makes them moderately hard. Cone crushers are well-suited for handling materials with such hardness levels, as they are designed to handle mid-hard and above mid-hard ores and rocks.

Common Raw Materials Suitable for Processing in Cone Crusher

Basalt - As a result of its high compressive strength and hardness, basalt is ideally processed using cone crushers which apply compression forces. Their design facilitates size reduction of this abrasive rock.

Dolomite - Dolomite is a sedimentary rock composed primarily of the mineral dolomite, which is a calcium magnesium carbonate. Cone crushers can handle dolomite, which is often used as a construction and aggregate material.

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Bauxite - As one of the main raw materials for aluminum production, bauxite is amenable to cone crushing thanks to its moderate hardness and compressive characteristics.

Ores - Cone crushers are commonly used in the mining industry to crush various ores, including iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, and silver ore. These ores can be either hard or soft, depending on their composition and geological formation.

Sandstone - Sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed of sand-sized grains of mineral, rock, or organic material. Cone crushers can effectively crush sandstone, which is often used in construction and landscaping projects.

Slag - Cone crushers can also be used to crush slag, which is a byproduct of metal smelting or refining processes. Slag is often used as a construction material in roadbeds and concrete.

The cone crusher has a wide range of applicability in processing various raw materials and can meet the needs of different industries. By selecting a suitable cone crusher and understanding the characteristics of raw materials, efficient and accurate size reduction and product processing can be achieved.

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