Stone Crushing Machine in Nigeria

Nigeria is a vast country with considerable wealth in natural resources and understanding Nigeria's geology is critical for efficient exploration and exploitation of these resources. Stone crushing is an important part in mining industry and require high quality stone crushing machines.

Nigeria Jaw Crusher - Large or Small Scale For Your Choice

jaw crushing plant

Jaw crushers are large stationary crushers and are available in a variety of models. They are generally fairly simple in design, making them easy to maintain or repair. There are large, medium and small scale jaw crusher for your choice. About our new style jaw crusher for sale in Nigeria, there are several aspects that we have to mention:

First of all, the capacity range of this new style jaw crusher is from 110-650 tons per hour. It not only can be used for large production scale, but also can meet different production requirements of different customers.

Secondly, the motion trail of movable jaw and the crushing cavity of this new style  jaw crusher are well optimized in order to get better performance and to reduce the energy consumption. Compared with traditional jaw crusher,  new style jaw crusher has better effect but lower power consumption.

Thirdly, the counterweight weight and structure of new style jaw crusher are adjusted. After adjustment, the vibration of whole crusher is effectively reduced and the performance is also improved.

High-efficiency Impact Crusher Can Help Users Improve Returns On Investment

Impact crushers are based upon several decades of experience with the impact method. In Nigeria, we can offer a complete range of impact crushers for stationary, semi-mobile fully mobile applications in both primary and secondary crushing.

High-efficiency Impact Crusher

The Impact crushers are new high-efficiency hydraulic control impact crushers developed on the basis of international advanced technology for impact crushers, mainly to ease maintenance operation of impact crushers, improve the service life of wearing parts and the equipment performs nee, and simultaneously reduce the crusher, and simultaneously extend the service life of quick-wear parts, improve device performance and reduce the processing cost of soft materials.

Our impact crushers have innovatively designed the rotors and impact frames, introduced a hydraulic system for adjustment control and top opening operation, and simultaneously developed coarse and intermediate crushing models according to users' demands to satisfy different job requirements.

Nigeria Cone Crushers are Ideal for Secondary and Fine Crushing

Cone crusher is a stationary crusher. These crushers are hydraulic pressure crushers designed to crush a high ratio for high productivity. Cone crushers are ideal for secondary and fine crushing.

cone crusher in Nigeria

ZENITH HPT Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher with a fixed main shaft and an eccentric bushing rotating around the shaft, the optimized transmission parts and internal structure design allow bigger bearing capacity, higher installed power, smaller floor space and lower noise.

The whole operating system adopts full hydraulic control. From safety, cavity clearing to adjustment and locking, hydraulic manipulation guarantees the stability, convenience and reliability of the operation, greatly reducing the downtime. Full-automatic operation achieved at the same time, lowering the labor costs.

Stone Crushing Process Flowsheet

The extracted raw stone materials will be transported from the blast site to the primary crusher. Depending on the design of the crusher machine, a feeder may or may not be required before the primary crusher. The haul trucks load the shot rock into the primary jaw crusher, which feeds the rocks to a primary vibrating screen, which directs larger stone to a surge pile and smaller stone to a stockpile. The surge pile acts as a buffer between the primary crushing plant and the secondary crushing plant. Located at the bottom of the surge pile is a tunnel, which feeds the secondary crusher plant. The rocks leaving the secondary crusher are screened in the multiple screen decks, which direct the rocks to different size stockpiles. The larger size rocks from the secondary screen are directed to a tertiary crusher machine.

How to Improve Crusher Efficiency?

1. Run the crushers at or near full load at all times

2. Use premium efficiency motors and cogged V-belts (savings can range from 5 to 15% of existing costs)

3. If possible, achieve greatest size reduction in the primary stage

4. In the secondary and tertiary crushing stages, use crushers that accurately provide the material size required in one pass

5. Minimize/eliminate the re-circulating load circuits and shut off equipment when not needed

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