Stone Crusher Machine - What is the Price and How to Choose the Best

With the rapid development of national infrastructure and industrial construction, the types and models of stone crusher machine are also increasing, which provides more choices for customers.

At the same time, customers will face the situation that they do not know how to choose the appropriate stone crusher machine and they also want to know about the stone crusher machine price when selecting crushing equipment.

stone crusher machine price

How many types of stone crusher are there?

According to the working principle, stone crusher machine can be generally divided into extrusion type and impact type.

The stone powder content in the products produced by extrusion type stone crusher machine is low, and the proportion of needle-like particles is large. The common types of extrusion type stone crusher machine mainly include jaw crusher, gyratory crusher, cone crusher, etc.; the impact type stone crusher machine has a relatively simple structure, large crushing ratio and good product grain shape. Common types mainly include impact crusher, hammer crusher, sand making machine, etc.

Generally, in sand and gravel production plant, the coarse crushing process generally adopts jaw crusher, gyratory crusher or hammer crusher; the medium crushing process generally adopts cone crusher or impact crusher; fine crushing and making machine process generally adopt sand making machine or cone crusher.

1) jaw crusher

Jaw crusher has the advantages of simple structure, high reliability of continuous operation and low price. Its discharge opening is adjustable, and the height difference of plant required for equipment layout is small. Its disadvantage is that the lining plate is easy to wear, and the product particle size distribution is uneven.

Jaw crusher is not easy to block when crushing ores with large moisture content and high clay content, suitable for processing sand aggregate raw materials and it is often used in the coarse crushing stage.

jaw crusher

2) gyratory crusher

The remarkable feature of the gyratory crusher is its large production capacity. When the sizes of feed opening and discharge opening of gyratory crusher and jaw crusher are the same, the output capacity of gyratory crusher is 2.5~3 times that of the jaw crusher.

Due to the high overall investment and large amount of civil works, the gyratory stone crusher machine is more suitable for large scaled projects.

3) cone crusher

The cone crusher has large crushing force, large crushing ratio and large processing capacity. It has good adaptability to most materials, materials with high hardness and difficult to crush. As medium and fine stone crusher machine, it has high output and reliable operation. However, the manufacturing and maintenance of the hydraulic system and the moving cone support structure of the cone crusher are more complex, and it has relative higher price, so the investment cost is high.

cone crusher

4) impact crusher

Impact crusher and hammer crusher has similar structure, they have large crushing ratio and low energy consumption. And the shortcoming is that the plate hammer and impact plate are easy to wear, making these two stone crusher machine suitable for processing friable materials.

impact crusher

5) sand making machine

The sand making machine has the advantages of small volume, simple foundation, high crushing efficiency, large output, low maintenance, etc. This type of stone crusher machine has various crushing cavities under different working conditions, suitable for the fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing of most materials. And sand making machine can be used for shaping and sand making.

sand making machine

ZENITH sand making machine has ‘rock on rock’ crushing cavity and ‘rock on iron’ crushing cavity for customers to choose. Generally, sand making machine with ‘rock on rock’ crushing cavity is used for shaping and ‘rock on iron’ crushing cavity is used for sand making.

For these different types of stone crushing machine, ZENITH produces various different models for different production requirements, making sure the recommended crusher is suitable for you.

How to choose the right stone crusher?

Sand and stone aggregate as the basic material of engineering construction, its commonly used raw materials are pebbles, granite, diabase, basalt, limestone and so on. For different raw materials, the choice of stone crusher machine is also different.

When selecting stone crusher machine, we should not only consider one reason, but also consider many aspects. Crushing equipment is mainly affected by the type and hardness of materials, water content, and cleavage degree and particle size of incoming and outgoing materials. In addition, the construction site and output should also be considered.

1. Material type and hardness

The type and hardness of materials is an important principle for selecting a stone crusher machine. The hardness of different materials is different, and the hardness of materials is usually expressed by Mohs hardness. There are 10 levels of Mohs hardness. The greater the Mohs hardness number, the harder the ore will be, and the harder it will be to break, and vice versa.

For materials with high hardness, we should consider jaw crusher, gyratory crusher and cone crusher, and then impact crusher (shaping machine) is used for shaping according to the requirements of finished products.

For materials with low hardness, we can consider jaw crusher, impact crusher and hammer crusher, and then impact crusher (shaping machine) is used for shaping according to the requirements of finished products.

Tip: the hardness of limestone varies greatly according to its silicon content. If it is limestone with high silicon content, cone crusher shall be used for medium and fine crushing.

2. Moisture content of materials

The moisture content of the material will also affect the selection of the stone crusher machine. When the water content is too large, the fine materials will be agglomerated or stuck to the coarse materials due to the increase of humidity, thus increasing the viscosity of the materials, reducing the ore discharging speed and reducing the productivity. In serious cases, it may even cause blockage of the ore discharge mouth, affecting the normal production.

3. Development degree of ore cleavage

The degree of cleavage development of raw ore also directly affects the productivity of the stone crusher machine. In the crushing process, the materials are crushed along the cleavage plane, so the productivity of the crusher is correspondingly much higher than that of the ore with dense crushing structure when crushing the ore with developed cleavage.

4. Feed and discharge particle size

The particle size of feed and discharge materials is used to judge the model and crushing level of the required stone crusher machine.

If the content of coarse particles in crushed materials is high or the ratio of the largest ore feeding block to the ore feeding width is large, the crusher needs to achieve a large crushing ratio, the productivity will reduce; If the content of fine particles in crushed materials is high or the ratio of the largest ore feeding block to the ore feeding width is small, the crusher needs to achieve a large crushing ratio, the productivity will correspondingly improve.

5. Construction site

The area of the construction site is also one of the factors that we should consider while choose a stone crusher machine. In addition, the location of crushing equipment also affects the selection of crusher.

6. Output capacity

The output capacity is also an important indicator to determine the selection of stone crusher machine. Generally, the higher the output capacity requirements, the larger the size of crushing equipment required, and the corresponding input and output will increase.

What is the stone crusher machine price?

With the development of different stone crusher machines, many customers want to know about the price. The stone crusher machine price is related with many factors, such as the model, the configuration and so on.

If you are interested in ZENITH stone crusher machine, you can contact us for more information about the selection, the price and other details of the equipment. The engineers will introduce the machines in detail for you.

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