How to Process Dolomite: Dolomite Crushing And Grinding Plant

Dolomite is a carbonate mineral, which is widely used after deep processing. Dolomite is an important raw material for machine-made sand production and dolomite powder with different fineness also has wide applications. So, dolomite processing plant can be divided into dolomite crushing and sand making plant and dolomite grinding plant.

Dolomite crushing and sand making plant

The commonly used equipment for dolomite crushing and sand making:

Jaw crusher (coarse crushing), cone crusher (secondary crushing), vertical shaft impact crusher (fine crushing and sand making), which can form a three-stage crushing and sand making plant.

dolomite crushing plant

The commonly used auxiliary equipment for dolomite crushing and sand making:

Vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, and sand washing machine.

1. The vibrating feeder is responsible for the supply of rock dolomite, transporting the dolomite raw materials to the jaw crusher and cone crusher for crushing, and crushing them into particles with the required size.

In the crushing process of dolomite, jaw crusher is the mostly widely used coarse crushing equipment, and its performance characteristics in production include:

(1) The crushing cavity of jaw crusher is deep, which can completely crush the materials in the crushing cavity, improve the crushing efficiency of the equipment and increase the unit production.

(2) The crushed dolomite particles are complete and uniform, and the content of needle and flake is very low, which improves the efficiency of the equipment and reduces the pollution of dust to the environment in production.

In the secondary crushing stage, cone crusher is a better choice, which can reduce the replace times of wearing parts.

2. The sand making machine is used for the fine crushing and shaping treatment, and crush the dolomite into grain size meet the requirements.

3. The vibrating screen can effectively screen the crushed dolomite with different sizes and specifications, and improve the efficiency of the equipment in production.

4. Sand washing machine is important equipment for sand washing, which can effectively remove impurities covering the surface of sand and meet the production requirements of users for materials.

5. The belt conveyor can not only connect different equipment, but also transport dolomite materials. It has the characteristics of long transportation distance and large transportation volume, and plays a very important role in the dolomite crushing and sand making production line.

In the whole process of dolomite crushing and sand production line, it is necessary to give full play to the advantages of each equipment and minimize the accumulation of equipment. If there are too many equipment in a production line, other auxiliary equipment will also increase, which will increase the cost of investment and affect economic benefits. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably configure dolomite sand production equipment to optimize and simplify the production process while meeting the production requirements.

Dolomite grinding plant

At present, the common dolomite powder in the market mainly includes 200mesh, 325mesh, 425mesh, 800mesh and 1250mesh. To process dolomite into powder with suitable fineness, we need dolomite grinding plant.

dolomite grinding plant

A complete dolomite grinding production line is generally composed of feeder, crusher, vibrating screen equipment, grinding mill, elevator, centralized control system and other equipment. Among them, the grinding stage is the key stage in the industrial milling process of dolomite, so the grinding mill plays an important role in the whole dolomite grinding plant, so the selection of the grinding mill equipment is very important.

In order to meet the requirements of different fields on the fineness of dolomite, ZENITH develop various types of equipment, mainly including European coarse grinding mill for producing 6-40mesh dolomite powder, fine grinding mill (LM vertical roller mill, MTW European grinding mill, MTM medium speed trapezium mill) for producing 80-400mesh dolomite powder and ultrafine mill (LUM ultrafine vertical roller mill and XZM ultrafine mill) for producing 400-3250mesh dolomite powder.

Dolomite grinding process

Generally, from raw materials to dolomite powder, we need the following stages:

Stage I: crushing of raw dolomite

Bulk dolomite materials are crushed by the crusher to the feed fineness (15mm-50mm) that can enter the grinding mill.

Stage II: grinding of dolomite particles

The crushed dolomite small pieces are sent to the storage hopper by the elevator, and then sent to the grinding chamber of the mill by the feeder evenly and quantitatively for grinding.

Stage III: classification stage

The ground materials are classified by the classification system, and the unqualified powder is returned to the grinding machine for regrinding after being classified by the classifier.

Stage IV: collection of product powder

The fine powder flows through the pipeline into the dust collector for separation and collection, and the collected finished powder is sent to the finished product silo by the conveying device through the discharge port, and then is uniformly packaged by the powder tanker or automatic packaging machine.

The whole system operates under negative pressure, and the dust will not overflow, thus protecting the surrounding environment. If pulse dust collector is used for dust collection, the environmental protection effect will be better.

Generally speaking, a complete production line requires multiple machines to complete the operation at the same time. During the operation, not only every step of raw material processing should be considered, but also the problems of waste gas and waste materials in the operation process, especially the pollution in production. Therefore, in order to realize the processing operation of the whole production line, it is necessary to make adequate preparations in advance.

As the baptism of the market for more than 30 years, ZENITH has naturally accumulated rich industry experience in ore crushing and grinding, and can configure flexible, economic and scientific solutions according to the characteristics of different materials and the different needs of customers.

If you are interested in dolomite processing plant, feel free to contact us for more information. ZENITH provide one set of service from planning site to design drawings, from technical training of dolomite grinding production equipment to installation and commissioning.

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