Intelligent construction of sand and gravel aggregate mine

In recent years, the sand and gravel industry has achieved considerable development, and the sand and gravel aggregate industry has undergone subversive changes. The good development prospects and huge market space of the industry have attracted capital from all walks of life, and the modernization and intelligent development of the sand and gravel industry has become a trend.

Intelligent construction of sand and gravel aggregate mine

Intelligent demand for sand and gravel aggregate mines

The main production activities of sand and gravel aggregate mines include deposit exploration, resource analysis, mining design, production planning, mining process, crushing process, sand making process, sales and delivery, etc.

According to the production organization mode and standard operation process, the specific requirements for the construction of sand and gravel aggregate intelligent mine mainly include the following aspects.

1) A comprehensive and accurate understanding of mineral resources and mine geographical environment is the basis for efficient development of mine production activities. The intelligent mine needs to establish a 3D model of resources and environment to realize the digitalization of resources and environment.

2) Boundary optimization is an important part of open-pit mine design. We need professional software to solve boundary optimization, design, planning and production scheduling problems of intelligent mines.

3) Through the automation, digitalization and intelligent transformation of blasting, mining and loading, transportation, crushing, sand making and delivery, intelligent mines can realize production automation, visualization of key production processes, real-time detection, and intelligent equipment operation and maintenance, reduce staff labor intensity, improve labor efficiency, improve product quality stability, and achieve intrinsic safety.

4) Intelligent mines need to achieve comprehensive and integrated control of personnel safety, environmental safety and environmental protection.

5) Intelligent mine needs to realize the informatization, real-time and scientific decision-making of mine production and management.

6) Intelligent mine needs to realize integrated management and control of the mine, and realize data integration, system collaboration and intelligent optimization.

7) Intelligent mines need to build information infrastructure, including transmission network, big data center, etc., to ensure network security and meet the requirements of real-time, reliability and safety of data transmission.

System architecture of intelligent mine construction

According to the specific requirements of the sand and gravel aggregate intelligent mine, the basic system architecture that can be adopted is divided into the basic level, the executive level and the decision level.

The basic level includes the infrastructure necessary for intelligent production, such as resource environment digitalization, information infrastructure, digital production equipment (crushing, sand making and other auxiliary equipment), digital auxiliary equipment, etc.

The executive level includes various management function modules supporting the production process, such as safety management, plan scheduling, production organization, quality management, delivery management, energy management, logistics management, etc.

The decision level includes the application of production planning and decision-making, such as resource planning, decision-making management, etc.

Main modules for intelligent construction of sand and gravel aggregate mine

According to the intelligent demand of sand and gravel aggregate mine, the intelligent construction content should include the following 7 modules:

1, digitization of resource environment

The establishment of the 3D resource model makes the estimation of reserves more realistic and objective, the grade analysis more detailed, and the estimation of ore waste volume easier.

The digitalization of geographical environment lays the foundation for the on-site management of sand and gravel aggregate production, intelligent dispatching and high-precision positioning of intelligent mining trucks.

2, 3D design plan

The mining design software can also arrange and develop the transportation system, waste dump, etc., and the design is efficient, fast, three-dimensional visual, scientific and reasonable.

The mining planning software can be used for the preparation of the long-term, medium-term and short-term mining and stripping schedule of open pit mines, and provide reference for decision-making and planning in an intuitive way, which is conducive to the optimization of the mining sequence of mines, forming a dynamic and visible geological resource reserve consumption plan, and providing guidance for the production management of mines.

3, automation of production and operation

With the development of technology, the blasting, mining and loading, transportation, delivery and other links of the mine are gradually developing towards remote, tele-control, and automation and unmanned.

Quality management is the core of mining production and runs through the whole process of planning, design, mining, crushing and sand making. The application of online particle size analysis in sand and gravel aggregate mines can improve the real-time quality control.

The unattended automatic loading and metering system can automatically complete the delivery operation.

4, integration of safety and environmental protection

The safety and environment integrated platform of sand and gravel aggregate mine mainly includes safety monitoring system, slope online monitoring system, safety production video monitoring system, environmental monitoring system, etc. Through the safety and environmental integration platform, it can comprehensively improve the safety of personnel behavior and operation environment, thus greatly improving the safety level of the mine.

5, intelligent management decision

OA system, financial management, customer resource management, human resource management and decision support, business intelligence and other information systems are important tools for enterprise management. These systems can improve business operation efficiency, provide comprehensive enterprise information, quickly respond to customer needs, help managers make better decisions, and achieve optimal enterprise operation.

6, Integration of management and control

Through system integration, unified data platform and visualization technology, a collaborative management and control platform can be built to realize the integration of various systems and improve the efficiency of sand and gravel aggregate mine production management.

7, Information networking

Overall planning and design of the network communication system of sand and gravel aggregate mine, build information network infrastructure, meeting the requirements of key businesses for data continuity, and improve data access capacity and transmission efficiency.

Intelligent mines can fundamentally solve the two major problems of pollution and danger in mining and production. At the same time, it can save labor costs, improve production efficiency and help staff management. In addition, it can also avoid equipment damage due to improper operation, make the operation process smoother and extend the service life of the equipment.

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