Basalt Sand Making Production Line

Basalt, as a common non-metallic ore in sand aggregate industry, is widely applied in in construction, bridge, road construction and other industries. Basalt is hard and tough material with high abrasion resistance and high silicon content. It is difficult to be crushed and with high crushing cost.

In the design of crushing process, stone crushers based on lamination principle, such as cone crusher should be selected as far as possible to reduce the loss of wear-resistant parts. Basalt sand making production line needs to go through many processes, such as rough breaking, fine crushing and sand making etc.

Basalt Sand Making Production Line

The general stone crusher combination of basalt sand and gravel production line (four stage: coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing and shaping) is as follows:

(1) Feeding: vibrating feeder.

(2) Coarse crushing: jaw crusher with feed size of 1500-500mm, crushing to 400-125mm.

(3) Medium crushing: cone crusher or fine jaw stone crusher with feed size of 400-125mm and crushing to 100-50mm.

(4) Fine crushing: impact crusher (or vertical impact stone crusher), feeding particle size of 100-50mm, crushing to 32-5mm.

(5) Screening + dedusting: vibrating screen + dry deduster.

(6) Shaping: impact crusher or shaping stone crusher (after screening the fine crushed stones, the qualified materials will be sent to the storage bin through the belt conveyor, and the returned materials whose particle size and shape do not meet the requirements will be conveyed to the impact crusher or shaping stone crusher through the belt conveyor for further processing and shaping).

(7) Screening + dedusting: vibrating screen + dry deduster.

(8) Conveying material: belt conveyor.

(9) In order to reduce dust and mud content, the coarse crushed stone is transported to the medium stone crusher by the vibration feeder, and the subsequent stone materials conveying is completed by the belt conveyor.

Whether the dust removal equipment is installed depends on the cleanliness of the gravel (whether the mud content is qualified) and whether there is a water washing process. If there is a water washing process in the stone crusher line, it is not necessary to install the dust removal equipment.

The crushing mechanism of different types of stone crushers is different. Through the reasonable selection of gravel production equipment, efficient configuration, process optimization and strict control of production and processing process, the processing quality of gravel aggregate can be effectively improved.

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