How mobile crushing station process construction waste?

Time: 2018-08-29

Today, garbage is considered to be the most promising and inexhaustible "urban deposit" and "a misplaced resource". This is not only the deepening and deepening of the understanding of garbage, but also the inevitable requirement of urban development. Mobile crusher have become the industry leader in dealing with construction waste.
Shanghai Zenith company has professional insight and forward-looking. It has taken the lead in research and development of a professional construction waste recycling equipment, the mobile crushing station. The construction waste is broken by the mobile crushing station and can be used as raw materials for building materials after screening. Through various types of building materials production lines, various standard new concrete bricks, blocks and other building materials products are produced. This not only makes the resources have been recycled many times, energy saving and environmental protection, but also low cost, with very high economic and social benefits.
Construction waste is mostly solid waste, which is usually produced during the construction process or during the repair and removal of old buildings. Although the content of various components of garbage produced by buildings of different structure types is different, the basic composition is the same, mainly consisting of soil, muck, scattered mortar and concrete, masonry and concrete fragments produced by chiseling, Reinforced concrete pile heads, metal, bamboo wood, scraps from decoration and decoration, various packaging materials and other wastes, which are produced by piling and cutting, using waste concrete and waste masonry to produce coarse and fine aggregates, which can be used for production. Strength grade concrete, mortar or preparation of building materials such as blocks, wall panels, floor tiles, etc.; the use of waste bricks to produce aggregates, can be used to produce recycled bricks, blocks, wall panels, floor tiles and other building materials, with construction waste reduction It has the advantages of quantification, resource utilization, saving natural resources, and protecting the ecological environment, and has high economic value. 

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