Reasons And Solutions About Material Stuck Or Blocking In Crusher

After long term observation about the production process of crushers, we found that in the crushing process, improper operation or slight faults in the installation may both lead to materials stuck or blocking. In this article, we mainly talk about reasons and solutions about material stuck or blocking in crushers.

Reasons And Solutions About Material Stuck Or Blocking In Crusher

Reasons About Material Stuck Or Blocking In Crusher

There are several reasons about the material stuck or blocking in crushers:

  1. The moisture content of material is high.

    In the working process of crushers, if materials with high moisture content enter the crushing cavity, they will adhere to each other after being crushed into small particles. In this case, the materials will block in the crushing cavity and lead to material blocking in crusher.

  2. The viscosity of the raw materials is high.

    If materials with high viscosity or contains thin earth with high viscosity, they will adhere to one piece and block in the crushing cavity. This will also cause material stuck in crushers.

  3. Operators do not know the specifications of crushers.

    Before put into operation, operators do not firstly make clear about the specifications of crusher, especially the requirements about raw materials. If the raw materials do not meet the production requirements, when they enter the crushing cavity, the efficiency will decrease, which may also lead to material blocking.

  4. Operators do not get trained.

    Operators of crushers do not get professional training and only know little about the machine or the operating rules. They might over feed raw materials to expedite the production process, which is beyond the capacity of crushers and will also lead to material blocking.

  5. The improper adjustment about the discharge opening.

    The material blocking may also because the discharge opening is too small. The crushed materials cannot be discharged out timely and pile up in the crushing cavity, leading to the material stuck phenomenon.

Solutions About Material Stuck Or Blocking In Crusher

  1. Before feeding raw materials to crushers, operators should firstly screen and dewater them in order to reduce the moisture content and viscosity of materials.
  2. Before production, operators should understand the specifications of crushers and feed suitable raw materials according to the requirements. Once found the raw materials do not meet requirements, operators should firstly deal with them and then feed them into crusher.
  3. The operating of crushers is better to be done by professional operators who have certain knowledge and familiar with the machines.
  4. Operators should adjust the discharge opening properly and increase the size of discharge opening in allowed range.

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