Compound Pendulum Jaw Crusher Parameter Optimization Design

Jaw crusher is one of the important crushing equipment currently in use. Compound pendulum leads crusher dues to its good performance and high productivity, etc. Almost monopolizes the small and medium-sized series of crusher market, and constantly towards large-scale development.

In our country, the compound pendulum jaw crusher production from the 50 s, now the country has nearly hundred factory productions, annual production of thousands. Because not formulate industry standards in detail, make the same model of mechanism parameters, structure type, not only bring inconvenience to the user, And some of the product design is not perfect, resulting in waste of material and energy. Reason of compound pendulum jaw crusher mechanism parameters of the crusher to do further research, to determine the optimum parameters of the mechanism, lead to the unification, crusher production has significant economic benefits.

Compound Pendulum Jaw Crusher Parameter Optimization Design

The compound pendulum jaw crusher lining board is made of high manganese steel).When broken hard ore, its service life is only two to three months, a year in China for crusher lining of steel twenty thousand tons. If the lining life increased by 50%.A year can save more than six thousand tons of steel, economic benefit is more than one thousand ten thousand yuan. One of the main ways to improve the service life of the lining board is to optimize mechanism parameters of the crusher, make the moving jaw movement characteristics of the optimal, at the same time improve productivity, and reduce energy consumption.

The above problems were studied, some scholars put forward several optimization mathematical models, but we think there is necessary for further discussion. In this paper, the mathematical model, the objective function is relatively simple, design variables, can improve the service life of the lining board considerably, It is an effective optimization scheme.

Compound pendulum crusher is made up of eccentric shaft, dynamic measuring, bracket and frame of planar four bar linkage. The main goal, improving the service life of the lining board, under the premise that guarantee the working performance of the crusher, Minimize liner wear, increase productivity, so the objective function to take move jaw line mouth, jaw and central characteristics of the inlet point value (the ratio of the vertical stroke and horizontal stroke).

The mechanism optimization design should accurately reflect the movement characteristics, and the number of design variables is appropriate, in order to the optimum parameters of institutions to obtain the design requirements.

At the time of design variables, constraints will be affected by many conditions, as follows:

(1) The existence conditions of design variable

Elbow board fulcrum coordinate cannot exceed the set range.

(2) The existence conditions of constrained crank

(3) Ore and lining the nip angle constraint

The size of the tooth Angle influences the productivity and the height of the crushing cavity. Tooth Angle small productivity high, but the crushing cavity height increase; Tooth Angle of crushing cavity height down, but low productivity, tooth Angle maximum friction Angle cannot be more than 2 times.

(4) Transmission Angle constraint

To reduce the height of the crushing cavity, the transmission Angle constraint value is small, the optimized result is not ideal. We will drive Angle constraint value increases to a certain degree, and the connecting rod and an Angle bracket opening Angle, namely to obtuse. Although crusher is higher, but can significantly reduce liner wear.

(5) The moving jaw level schedule constraints

Discharging mouth level schedule should guarantee of ore crushing, demand is greater than a certain value S, at the same time should be less than the minimum discharging mouth width. Inlet horizontal stroke is greater than the discharging mouth horizontal stroke.

Mathematical model of optimization design of constraint is very important. Because the transmission Angle increases, so using this mathematical model could improve productivity, reduce the energy consumption and economic benefit is very significant. ZENITH jaw crusher products to meet the needs of crushing different material, can give full play to the role of the jaw crusher, and can save material and energy, and reduce the machine weight.

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