2 Crushers to Make Your Copper Ore Processing More Efficient

Copper ore is the ore exploited from copper mine. After a series of crushing, grinding and beneficiation process, the copper ore becomes a copper concentrate or copper sand with high copper content. The copper concentrate needs to be smelted and refined to become refined copper and copper products. Therefore, crushing and processing of copper ore is the first stage of copper ore beneficiation plant.

Currently, copper ore is mainly used as raw material in the metallurgical industry.

copper ore

3 Stage of Copper Ore Processing

The copper ore processing and production process mainly includes three stages: crushing, grinding, and beneficiation.

Crushing stage:

During the crushing process, to follow the ‘more crushing, less grinding’ principle, three-stage closed crushing circuit is a proper method for crushing copper ores, which can complete the work of ore crushing and partial dissociation, thereby improving subsequent grinding efficiency.

100t/h-150t/h Copper Ore Crushing Process

250t/h-300t/h Copper Ore Crushing Process

Grinding stage:

The qualified crushed copper ores are fed to the grinding equipment through auxiliary equipment such as conveying equipment and feeding equipment. The copper ore, water, and steel balls in the grinding cylinder are ground and collided with each other, further reducing the ore particles.

In this stage, two stage closed grinding circuit is adopted to make the copper ore grinding more fully.

Beneficiation stage:

The beneficiation stage is a key stage for improving the grade of copper ore. And according to different types and properties of copper ore, we can choose different machines, such as flotation machine, magnetic separator etc.

Copper Ore Crushing Plant

Since copper ore has high hardness, ZENITH recommends jaw crusher and cone crusher for copper ore crushing process.

Large pieces of copper ore are uniformly fed into jaw crusher through vibrating feeder for coarse crushing. The coarse crushed copper ore particles are screened by vibrating screen and then sent to single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher for medium crushing; the medium crushed copper ore particles are sent to multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher for fine crushing. And then the crushing process is finished.

Advantages of copper ore jaw crusher

copper ore jaw crusher

Cost saving

Modular design, easy to install and maintain, saving on-site production and installation costs;

Integrated motor base, saving platform production costs;

The use of high-quality bearings with large specifications provides a stronger and more reliable service life;

High crushing efficiency and large crushing ratio

The optimized crushing mechanism optimizes the meshing angle and stroke, and improves the crushing ratio;

"V"-shaped crushing chamber greatly increases the crushing capacity, the discharge particle size is finer, and the crushing performance is better;

Higher rotational speeds increase throughput and material crushing times, greatly increasing production capacity;

Easy to operate and maintain

The hydraulic double wedge adjustment device quickly and accurately adjusts the discharge opening, making the adjustment operation of the discharge port simpler, time-saving, and safe;

The hydraulic pull rod device can provide accurate and stable preload for the equipment, which is durable and easy to maintain;

The automatic lubrication device can intelligently and quantitatively inject lubrication oil to achieve fine maintenance and improve the service life of the equipment.

The elastic limit damping device effectively absorbs the peak vibration load, reduces fatigue damage to the foundation, and improves the service life of the crusher.

Advantages of copper ore cone crusher

copper ore cone crusher

High crushing efficiency and strong capacity

(1)High crushing efficiency: The crushing chamber adopts laminated crushing principle, the copper ore particles squeeze each other in the crushing chamber, significantly improving the crushing efficiency and the proportion of fine particles, reducing the consumption of vulnerable parts, and the products are cubical with a high content of fine particles.

(2) Strong bearing capacity: fixed main shaft, eccentric sleeve rotating around the main shaft, strong bearing capacity, large installation power, more compact structure, small size, high efficiency, and low noise.

Intelligent control and accurate regulation

(1) Siemens brand PLC and touch screen intelligent control system are adopted, featuring high reliability, convenient and intuitive operation, and complete data records.

(2) The fully automatic control system provides multiple operation modes for customers to choose from, such as manual control, constant discharge opening control, and constant power control. The automatic monitoring system can understand the operation status of the equipment in real time, which is conducive to giving full play to the performance advantages of the equipment

Good quality, uniform particle size of finished products

The principle of laminated crushing is adopted to improve the particle shape of the copper ore, and the shape of the product is cubic. Reasonable matching of eccentricity, crushing cavity shape, and motion parameters greatly improves the production capacity and working efficiency of the equipment.

Sophisticated service

ZENITH provides pre-sales guidance, investment prospect analysis, equipment visit, and on-site investigation, contract signing during sales, machine testing, free on-site installation, repair, maintenance, and a series of technical guidance to customers. And during the production process, ZENITH will send professional engineers to the site for regular return visit.

5 Tips to Choose Suitable Crusher for Copper Ore

First, when selecting crushing equipment, it is necessary to comply with the requirements of the scale of the beneficiation plant, equipment form, copper ore properties, and process flow.

Second, try to choose some new crushing equipment with high quality and reliable technology with energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics. After fully considering the price and performance of the equipment, choose the suitable type and model.

Thirdly, crusher with the characteristics of simple maintenance, safety and reliability, and convenient operation are also the main objects of copper mine equipment selection.

Fourth, while choosing copper ore crusher, it is necessary to fully consider the fluctuation of processing capacity caused by changes in ore properties.

Fifth, the selected copper ore crusher must have the characteristics of convenient supply and reliable source.

For copper ore crushing process, ZENITH provides different types and models of jaw crusher and cone crusher for customers to choose. And the engineers will recommend suitable machine according to the specific production requirements.

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