How to operate the vibrating screen correctly?

Vibrating screen is widely used for the screening, washing, dehydration, and separation of raw materials in mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical and other industries.

Here are 6 operation points and 8 operation tips to improve the efficiency of vibrating screen.

vibrating screen

Operation Points Of Vibrating Screen

(1) Operators should read the duty record before work, and carry out the general inspection of the equipment. Check the tension of the V-belt, the oil level in the vibrator, the tension of the screen surface, the fastening of bolts in each part and the damage of the screen surface.

(2) The start of the vibrating screen should follow the process system sequence.

(3) During the operation process of vibrating screen, the working condition of the exciter and the screen box should be inspected visually and auditorily. After the vibrating screen is stopped, touch the vicinity of the bearing cover by hand to check the temperature rise of the bearing.

(4) The vibrating screen should be stopped by sequence. Except for special requirements, it is strictly forbidden to continue to feed to the vibrating screen after it is stopped.

(5) When the vibrating screen is handed over, the previous operator must do a pre-handover check. The problems aroused shall be recorded in time. In the record, the damaged parts should be shown in detail, and rust prevention should be done.

(6) Operator must keep a certain distance when inspecting the vibrating screen, because during the high-speed operation of vibrating screen, the material on the screen surface of will cause damage to the inspector. In order to prevent accidents, the inspector should pay attention to keep distance.

8 Operation Tips To Improve The Efficiency Of Vibrating Screen

The efficiency of vibrating screen directly affects the production benefit. Here are 8 operation tips to improve the efficiency of vibrating screen.

(1) Increase the opening rate of the sieve plate of vibrating screen, high opening rate is beneficial to improve the screening efficiency; usually, stainless steel welded sieve plate has a high opening rate.

(2) Adjust the feeding method. In some cases, the feeding of the vibrating screen is not along the full screen width, which will inevitably cause the screen surface cannot be fully utilized.

(3) To reduce the hole blocking rate of the screen surface of vibrating screen, a self-cleaning screen plate can be considered.

(4) If possible, consider adjusting the inclination angle of the vibrating screen. A proper inclination angle will help reduce the thickness of the material.

(5) If conditions permit, customers can adopt wet screening, which is the most effective way to improve the screening efficiency.

(6) For the circular vibrating screen, we can adjust the counterweight to improve the screening efficiency.

(7) For dry screening, the moisture content of raw materials should be strictly controlled. When the moisture is high, ingredient screening can be considered.

(8) If possible, add a fixed screen at the feed end of the vibrating screen for coarse screening.

Through reasonable and scientific installation, test-run and operation, the screening efficiency of vibrating screen can be effectively improved and the service life of vibrating screen can be prolonged.

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