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Tips To Improve The Crushing Efficiency Of Stone Crusher


Crushing operation is a basic step in mining which has a great impact on the further process. Here are some factors that affect the crushing efficiency of stone crusher and some tips to improve the crushing efficiency.

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Factors Affect The Crushing Efficiency Of Stone Crusher

(1) Hardness of raw material. The hardness of raw material is a very important factor that affects the crushing efficiency of stone crusher. As we know, the harder the raw material is, the more difficult to crush, which will lead to the low crushing efficiency of stone crusher. Besides, the wear rate will increase, shortening the service life of stone crusher.

(2) Humidity of raw material. In the crushing process, if the raw material has high moisture content, it is easy to adhere to the crushing cavity, resulting in material blockage, affecting the normal operation of stone crusher, leading to the low crushing efficiency.

(3) Fineness of raw material. The finer of the final products size is, the smaller the crushing capacity is. Therefore, in actual production, a reasonable crushing standard should be set according to requirements.

(4) Material composition. The more fine powder contained in the material, the more obvious the impact on the crushing effect. In the crushing process, the fine powder will cause the materials to stick together, affect the normal transportation of the materials, and affect the crushing efficiency.

(5) Material viscosity. The greater the viscosity of the material, the easier it is for the material to adhere together, and even some materials adhere to the inner wall of the stone crusher. If it is not cleaned in time, it will seriously affect the crushing efficiency of stone crusher.

(6) Crushing equipment. Different types of stone crushers have different crushing capacity and requirements for raw materials. In particular, the better the wear resistance of the jaws and hammers of stone crusher, the stronger the crushing ability.

Tips to improve the crushing efficiency of stone crusher

Tip 1: adopt better stone crusher

In the market, there are various types of stone crushers. Different types of stone crushers have great difference in price, crushing efficiency etc. Production enterprises should conduct in-depth market research, fully understand the applicable conditions of different stone crushers, purchase crushers with excellent performance, and improve crushing efficiency.

Tip 2: pay attention to the pre-processing of raw material

As we mentioned above, the properties of raw material have certain impact on the performance on stone crusher. There, in order to improve the crushing efficiency of stone crusher, operators should pay attention to the pre-processing of raw material. Here are some tips:

First of all, choose related screen equipment according to the crushing capacity, crushing requirements of stone crusher and conduct pre-processing of raw materials, such as screening, crushing, to improve the feeding efficiency.

Secondly, the moisture content of raw material will affect the crushing efficiency. So, the raw materials should be covered in rainy days to avoid high moisture content.

Thirdly, if there are fine powders in the raw material, operators should screen the raw material first and screen out the fine powder to avoid material blockage in the crushing process of stone crusher.

Tip 3: make sure the regular maintenance of stone crusher

Regular maintenance of stone crusher can discover and eliminate the potential problems of the stone crusher in time and avoid the occurrence of failures, which can improve the crushing efficiency. Therefore, operators should earnestly implement the daily maintenance of stone crusher.

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