3 Types Of Discharge Adjustment Devices For Cone Crushers

Cone crusher is one of the mainstream crushing equipment in mining industry. It is mainly used for medium or fine crushing for various kinds of raw materials. The output size of cone crusher is determined by the distance between mantle and concave. But many people don’t know much about the discharge adjustment dvice of cone crusher.

cone crusher work

Here, we introduce 3 types of discharge adjustment devices for cone crushers: fixed pulley, hydraulic pusher, and hydraulic motor.

Fixed Pulley Adjustment Device

The fixed pulley adjustment device refers to use a rope to pass through the fixed pulley and wrap it on the frame. The end is hung on the hook, and the other end is pulled by an external lifting device to rotate the adjusting sleeve, thereby changing the distance between concave and mantle.

When the mantle and concave of cone crusher are serious damaged and need to be changed, we also need fixed pulley adjustment device to unscrew the upper part of the body, and then replace the two liners. When adjusting the discharge opening of spring cone crusher, compress the spring can increase the size of discharge opening and stretch the spring can decrease the size of discharge opening. The function of the adjustment sleeve is to stretch or compress the spring.

Hydraulic Pusher Adjustment Device

The adjustment principle of the hydraulic pusher adjustment device and the fixed pulley adjustment device are the same. They both promote the extension or compression of the spring by pushing the rotation of the adjustment sleeve to adjust the size of discharge opening. The only difference is that hydraulic pusher adjustment method does not use fixed pulleys and does not need ropes. It only needs two hydraulic pushers to generate thrust to push the adjustment sleeve to rotate, thereby adjusting the size of discharge opening.

Hydraulic Motor Adjustment Device

The hydraulic motor adjustment device is composed of three parts: hydraulic power part, large and small gears and adjustment part. The hydraulic station in the hydraulic power part provides the hydraulic pressure and flow of the hydraulic motor to cone crusher and the hydraulic motor provides power for the large and small gears. The hydraulic system provides power to the hydraulic motor adjustment device and the locking device. In the crushing process, the locking system locks the entire adjustment system and the hydraulic motor does not work; when the adjustment device is working, the locking system is released and the hydraulic motor works. The hydraulic motor adjustment device and locking device are controlled by the same hydraulic station.

5 advantages of hydraulic motor adjustment device:

1. During the entire adjustment process, no special person is required to operate on site;

2. Capable of continuous operation and fast running speed;

3 High degree of automation;

4. Remote centralized control;

5. Reduce labor intensity and improve labor efficiency.

In terms of the convenience of adjusting the distance between concave and mantle, hydraulic motor adjustment device> hydraulic pusher adjustment device > fixed pulley adjustment device. In addition, spring cone crushers generally adopt hydraulic pushers or fixed pulley adjustment devices, and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers generally adopt hydraulic motor adjustment devices.

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