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4 Tips to Maximize Cone Crusher Productivity


Cone crusher is one among the favored medium and fine crushing equipment, suitable for crushing all types of medium and hard raw materials. Production capacity of cone crusher directly affects the ultimate economic benefits; numerous customers wonder the way to improve cone crusher production capacity. during this article, we introduce several ways to enhance cone crusher capacity.

1. Strictly Control staple Properties

The control of staple properties mainly consists of three aspects: first of all, operators should avoid too hard raw materials enter the crushing cavity. Besides, operators should also avoid uncrushable material enter the crushing cavity during the assembly process. Secondly, control the dimensions of staple , avoid over large staple enter the crushing cavity. For raw materials with many fine powders, operators should pre-screen them. Finally, control the moisture content of staple . For raw materials with high moisture content, operators should dry them to avoid raw materials adhere to the crushing cavity.

2. Optimize Crushing Cavity

The structure of crushing cavity may be a vital factor that decides the assembly rate, power consumption, scale board abrasion, uniformity of ultimate products then on. By optimizing the crushing cavity, like increase the upper cavity volume of crushing cavity, reduce the length of horizontal zone and reduce dip angle then on, so as to make raw materials easy to form thick material layer. Thick material layer can help the lamination crushing of staple , improving the crushing effect and increasing the crushing times of raw materials within the crushing cavity, thus improve the assembly capacity of cone crusher.

3. Proper Operational Parameters

The operational parameters of cone crusher have directly effect on the motion characteristic of staple and therefore the production capacity. during this case, during the operation process of cone crusher, operators should make sure the operational parameters proper.

4. Increase Crushing Force

In cone crusher, the tightness of spring or hydraulic pressure affects the crushing force. When the spring pressure or hydraulic pressure isn't enough, the crushing force will decrease. during this case, operators should make sure the proper tightness of spring or proper hydraulic pressure within the production process.

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