Common Problems And Solutions In The Impact Crusher

Impact crusher is usually used as secondary or fine crusher in stone crushing plant. Within the working process of impact crusher, there might some situations and it's very important to know how to solve these problems. During this article, we'll introduce some common problems and solutions within the impact crusher.

impact crusher

1.Problem: The abnormal vibration of impact crusher

Reasons and Solution: There might be several reasons cause the abnormal vibration of impact crusher. The first one is the raw materials are too big. The operator should check the feed size of raw materials and separate the bulk ones out. The second one is the unevenly worn of the blow bar. To solve this, the operator can replace the blow bar with a new one. The third reason is that the rotor loses balance and needed to be adjusted. The last one is that the base is unstable. The operator should check the foundation bolts and tighten them.

2.Problem: the bearings in impact crusher heat

Reasons and solutions: The bearings are lack of oil. The operator should add oil in the bearings timely properly, and check the oil level. The bearings are broken and needed to be replaced.

3.Problem: the final products size increases

Reasons and solutions: The blow bar wears. The operator should repair the blow bar or replace it with a new one.

The gap between blow bar and impact plate is too big. The operator should adjust the gap size. Normally the gap size should between 15-20mm. The over-sized raw materials will also affect the final product size, so the raw materials should under the allowed ranges.

4.Problem: The V-belt overturns

Reasons and solutions: The belt wears. To solve this problem, the operator should exchange the V-belt. The installation of the belt is improper. While installation the belt, the belt and the belt pulley should be in the same plane. Pay attention to the quality of the V-belt.

5.Problem: Great slaps in the crushing cavity

Solution: operators should turn off the power immediately, stop the machine and clean the crushing cavity to see if there is any materials that cannot be crushed enter the crushing cavity. The second might reason is that the impact plate falls down. To solve this problem, operators should stop the machine and fix the impact plate.

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