Suggestions For Maintenance And Repair Of Cone Crusher

As we know, the working conditions of cone crusher are harsh. It is inevitable that there will be some problems in the working process of of cone crusher. Knowing how to maintain and repair the cone crusher will greatly help the operators reduce the downtime of the machine. Here are some suggestions for the maintenance and repair of cone crusher.

Maintenance Of Cone Crusher

The maintenance of cone crusher is very important and should be done regularly. It should work hand in glove with operating and repair and should be done by professional operators.

Bearings: bearings bear the whole load of the cone crusher, so excellent lubricating means a lot to the life of bearings. It directly affects the service life and running rate of cone crusher. in this case, the lubrication oil must be clean.

Strake: the newly installed strake is easy to loose, so the operator should check it regularly.

The operators should pay attention to the wear degree of the spare parts in the cone crusher, once found broken part, operators should change it timely.

When the oil temperature of bearings increase, the operator should turn off the machine immediately and check it.

When there is impact sound in the drive gear, the operator should stop the crusher immediately and check it.

Repair Of Cone Crusher

For the repair of cone crusher, there are three stages: minor repair, medium repair and major repair.

Minor Repair

The minor repair should consist of check and repair or replace about the spherical bearing, repair or exchange of the big& small bevel gear, driving shaft and bearing bush, repair or exchange of the eccentric sleeve and bushing, filter or change the lubrication oil.

Medium Repair

The medium repair consists of not only all the procedures in the minor repair but also change the big& small bevel gear, the transmission bearing and spherical bearing. In this stage, the operator should also check the gap between spherical bearing seat and the eccentric bushing and check the spring and spring bolt (for spring cone crusher).

Major Repair

The major repair consist all the procedures in the medium repair and the check, measure, repair or exchange of all the spare parts. Also the operator should adjust the technical features of the whole cone crusher.

Tip: The maintenance and repair of cone crusher should be carried on the basis of the service condition of the machine.

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