Sand Making Machine Used In Dry Mortar Production Process

With the rapid development of construction industry, the demand about sand aggregate, dry mortar and concrete sand is getting higher and higher. And the technical requirements about sand are also higher and higher. At present, ordinary mortar and special mortar have stricter requirements about aggregates and concrete with high strength and reliable performance also has strict requirements about aggregates. In this case, less and less natural sand can meet these requirements. The price of high quality natural sand is getting higher and higher. So, artificial sand produced by sand making machine gets wide applications.

sand making machine

As we know, the main aggregate to make dry mortar is natural sand. But, with the dwindling of natural sand resources and the rapid development of construction industry, especially infrastructure construction industry, the contradiction between supply and demand of natural sand is very obvious. In this case, the price of natural sand undulates, greatly affecting the development of engineering construction. So, in order to solve this problem in dry mortar production, we need to find new raw materials.

According to the requirements, the production of dry mortar meets the sustainable development strategy. And to produce dry mortar, we should make the best use of local mineral resources and industrial waste. The components to form dry mortar: the cementing material adopts cement, gypsum and limestone etc.; the main aggregates are artificial sand, quartz sand, limestone, dolomite, expanded perlite etc.; the mineral additive in dry mortar are mainly industrial products, industrial waste and so on, such as slag, fly ash, pozzolan and so on.

With the development of technology, ZENITH developed new style sand making machine, which can process granite, basalt, river pebble, cobblestone, tailings and some other raw materials into artificial sand with excellent physical and chemical properties. The particles size of artificial sand can meet the requirements of dry mortar.

There are two production method of sand making machine:Dry Sand Making Method and Wet Sand Making Method.

1. Dry Sand Making Method

Dry artificial sand making method is to separate the powder and sand by using a classifier. This dry method is suitable for areas short of water or places with low environmental protection request.


Reduce the using cost of water resources and also reduce the production cost.

This method is not limited to the environment, even in places short of water, investors can produce artificial sand.


In the production process, there will be much powder produced, causing environment pollution.

2. Wet Sand Making Method

Wet method artificial sand making is to equip sand washing machine in the production line in order to remove the powder and dust out. This wet method is suitable for areas with rich water resources or rainy places.


The artificial sand produced has clean surface.

In the production process, there is no powder or dust pollution to the environment.


This production method needs a lot of water, which will increase the production cost. Areas short of water resources cannot adopt this method to produce clean sand.

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