Solutions To Reduce Blow Bar Consumption In Impact Crusher

2021-04-06 15:01:46

Summary:As we know, impact crusher mainly crushes raw materials by the impact force produced by the high-speed blow bar. So blow bar is the main wear-resistant part in impact crusher. Many customers wonder how to reduce blow bar consumption. Here, we introduce a case from the blow bar damage reason and solutions to reduce the blow bar consumption in impact crusher.

Main Damage Form Of Blow Bar

The main damage form of blow bar is loose and fracture instead of the normal damage. The loose and fracture of blow bar will break the screw bolts and other blow bars, damage the rotor and impact rack or even break the rotor shaft.

Reasons About Blow Bar Loose And Fracture

There are mainly three reasons about the loose and fracture of blow bar:

The Poor Manufacturing Quality Of Blow Bar Screw Bolts

Because of the poor manufacturing quality of blow bar screw bolts, they often loose and parts, causing the loose and fracture of blow bar. The basic reason is that that model to manufacture screw bolts is used for many years with serious damage. This makes the oval heads of screw bolts do not have good contact with blow bar in the operation process. All the above mentioned factors reduce the tightness of screw bolts.

Poor Quality Of Blow Bar

The material of blow bar is high manganese steel ZGMN13. From the fracture we can see blowholes even hollow with relative coarse structure. This all reflects that there is problem in the casting and heat treatment process. Improper Operation And Maintenance

Because the blow bar part frequently, the work load for operators to change the blow bar is relatively large and the labour intensity is heavy, so some operators ignore the check and maintenance after installing the new blow bar. This makes the loosen screw bolts do not get tightened timely.

Solutions To Reduce Blow Bar Consumption

Make a new model for the screw bolts in order to make the oval heads of screw bolts have good contact with the blow bar screw holes. At the same time, control the thickness of thread teeth in screw bolts in allowed range to avoid the fracture because of stress. Adopt blow bar from the original manufacturer that produce the impact crusher. Strengthen operation and maintenance management. First of all, before installing the blow bar, operators should clean the foundry sand and burr at the blow bar screw holes and notch. Secondly, while tightening the screw bolts, operators should also knock the oval head of screw bolt. Finally, after about half one hour operation, operators should check the tight condition of screw bolts.

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