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Several Operation Points Of Vertical Roller Grinding Mill


Keep Stable Material Layer

Keep stable material layer is the foundation for raw material grinding and also the key point for the normal operation of vertical roller grinding mill. The thickness of material layer can be adjusted by changing the height of retaining ring. Proper thickness of material layer means a lot to the efficiency of vertical roller grinding mill. If the material layer thickness is too thick, the efficiency will decrease; if the material layer is too thin, vertical roller grinding mill will vibrate. Generally, when vertical roller grinding mill runs normally, the material layer after pressed by roller should not smaller than 40-50ram.

Control Grinding Pressure

Grinding pressure is main factor that affects the capacity, grinding efficiency and power of vertical roller grinding mill. vertical roller grinding mill grinds raw materials through the high pressure on material layer. When the grinding pressure increases, the capacity also increases until it reaches to the limited value. The increasing of grinding pressure also causes the increase of power, which leads to the increase of power consumption per unit. In this case, proper grinding pressure should balance capacity and power consumption. And the proper grinding pressure value is decided by the raw material property, size and feeding volume.

Proper Wind Speed

vertical roller grinding mill mainly drive the raw material circulation by air flow. Proper wind speed can form good inner circulation and make the material layer proper and stable, leading to the high efficiency of vertical roller grinding mill. Wind quantity is decided by the wind speed. And wind quantity is related with the feeding volume. When feeding volume increases, the wind quantity also increases; on the contrary, when feeding volume decreases, the wind quantity also decreases.

Control Final Products Fineness

The fineness of final products is affected by wind quantity, grinding mill load, rotation speed of separator and some other factors. When the wind quantity and load are fixed, we can adjust the fineness by changing the rotation speed.

Vertical roller grinding mill integrates five functions of crushing, grinding, powder selection, drying and material conveying. It is characterized by centralized technological process, small occupational area, low investment, high efficiency, energy conservation and environment protection.

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