Function And Installation of Main Wear-resistant Parts In Jaw Crusher

Functions Of Main Wear-Resistant Parts

A jaw crusher mainly consists of frame, flywheel, eccentric shaft, toggle plate, fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate, set adjustment, movable jaw, and main bearings and so on. Among these spare parts, the main wear parts are fixed& movable jaw plate, toggle plate, eccentric shaft, and gasket.

Fixed& movable jaw plate: the crushing cavity of jaw crusher is composed of fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate. In this case, the fixed and the movable jaw plate directly contact the raw materials. While working, the fixed jaw plate is not moving and the movable jaw plate moves back and forth. In this process, the raw materials are squeezed and crushed. Toggle plate: toggle plate plays an important role in the jaw crusher. Firstly, toggle plate transmits the driving force and supports the bottom of the movable jaw plate. Secondly, toggle plate can protect the jaw crusher. While iron ore some other foreign bodies that cannot be crushed enter the crushing cavity, the toggle plate will part firstly. And at this time, the machine will stop. In this case, it can avoid the damage of expensive parts.

Eccentric shaft: the driving part of eccentric shaft is composed of movable jaw, eccentric shaft, bearing seat, belt pulley etc. it is mainly used to transmit the driving force. Since the center of eccentric shaft is not the axis center, so it moves in excircle. In the jaw crusher, the eccentric shaft and the bearings drive the movable jaw plate to move back and forth in order to crush the raw materials.

Installation Of Main Wear-resistant Parts In Jaw Crusher

Frame installation: jaw crusher is stalled on the basis of concrete bed. In order to reduce the vibration and noise, we should put a piece of square hard wood or rubber between the frame and the concrete. The level of frame should meet the requirements both in horizontal and vertical. The board between the frame and concrete must be level, even and stable.

Toggle plate installation: when changing the toggle plate, there are several steps. Firstly, loosen the nut of the spring of the tie rod, and take the spring down. Then tie up the lower part of jaw plate with a chain or steel wire. Pulling the steel wire with a lever block, the movable jaw plate will move closer to the fixed jaw plate. At this time, the toggle plate will drop down. After dismantling the broken toggle plate, we can drag the new one into the seat by the steel wire. And then loosen the lever block, the toggle plate will close to the toggle seat. Put the tie rod and spring back and take the lever block down.

Jaw plates installation: jaw plates are the wear parts that need to be changed regularly, because the crushing cavity is formed of fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate. By using a bolt or wedge, we can fix the tooth plate on the front wall of the frame and the movable jaw. The contact surface of the jaw plate and movable jaw must be straight.

These are only a few parts installation in jaw crusher, the actual installation process in very complicated. If the customers purchase machines from ZENITH, we can send our professional installation team to the local country to help the customers install the machines and train the operators for free.

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