Introduction Of The Main Spare Parts In Vertical Grinding Mill

Vertical grinding mill is one advanced powder making equipment designed and developed on the basis of years’ experience and research. It combines drying, milling, classifier and elevator into one set, greatly save space and investment capital for the customers. Here we introduce the main spare parts in vertical grinding mill.

The main component of vertical grinding mill: rocker arm, roller, gear box, grinding disc, hydraulic device and so on. Here we focus on rocker arm, roller and grinding disc.

Rocker arm: rocker arm is one the main spare parts in vertical grinding mill. It includes the upper part, the lower part, shaft, bearing and bearing seat. The upper part of rocker arm in mainly for roller installation and the lower part connect the hydraulic device. The upper arm and lower arm form to a complete set through bearing, taper sleeve and taper pin.

Roller: roller is mainly used to grind the raw materials into powder. For vertical grinding mill, the grinding roller is the heart. The grinding roller of vertical grinding mill has two main functions: first, to increase the contact area and improve grinding efficiency; The second is to prevent large materials falling from the edge, blocking the air inlet. In addition, with the increase of grinding time, grinding roller wear gradually, then the roller can be turned over to use, prolong the service life, save production cost.

According to different capacities, the number of rollers in vertical grinding mill is from 3 to 6. Each roller is installed on a shaft, and rotates in different speeds. And in this process, the raw materials will be ground into powder. ZENITH adopts special design and advanced technology in the roller production, in order to extend the service life and meet the various requirements of the customers.

Grinding disc: while grinding, the raw materials scatter evenly on the grinding disc and the roller rotates vertically to the grinding disc and squeeze the raw materials. Here, we should make sure the force on the base of grinding disc evenly to avoid the damage of grinding disc.

Hydraulic system: Hydraulic system is one of the most important equipment systems in vertical grinding mill, plays a key role in the stable operation of vertical grinding mill.

In order to ensure the normal work of the hydraulic system, the following points should be done in production:

First of all, the hydraulic fluid in the hydraulic system must have a high degree of cleanliness. To prevent small particles into the hydraulic oil, resulting in cylinder scratches, nitrogen air bag damage;

Secondly, the hydraulic oil should be regularly tested and checked every half a year in the process of using, and the emulsified oil should be replaced in time.

Thirdly, a reasonable grinding pressure should be set according to the characteristics of the material. In normal production, the actual operating pressure should generally be set between 70% and 90% of the maximum pressure.

From the above information, we can see that these parts play very important role in vertical grinding mill. So in the grinding process, we should properly operate the mill in order to reduce the damage.

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