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The 5 Abrasion Reasons Of Jaw Plates In Jaw Crusher (II)


In the previous article, we talked about the first 2 abrasion reasons of jaw plates in jaw crusher, and here are the other 3 abrasion reasons.

Fastening Method Analysis

Practices show that the fastening screw bolts of jaw plates protects the jaw plates in the operation process. In the working process of jaw crusher, the acting force of raw material and jaw plates is very strong, especially when jaw crusher work continuously or crush raw materials with high hardness and large sizes, the screw bolts may easy loose by vibration force. In this case, the jaw plates may glide, fall off, fracture or damage.

Blocking Analysis

In the operation process of pendulum jaw crusher, especially when the crushing ratio is large, the blocking of raw materials is relatively serious, leading the difficulty of crushing or even cannot crush the raw materials. Under this circumstance, under the squeezing force of jaw plates, the momentary slide of raw materials increases. After blocking, many customers adopt blasting method, which is very convenient and fast. But this method will cause the change of texture of jaw plates and accelerate the abrasion of jaw plates. Especially when there are many impurities in jaw plate material, under great crushing force, it may cause the fracture of jaw plates. At the same time, the abrasion of jaw plates will make the nip angle increase, which will accelerate the blocking and form vicious cycle.

Feeding Equipment Installation Analysis

Feeding equipment is the necessary auxiliary equipment while jaw crusher working. The feeding equipment and jaw crusher work together to feed and crush the raw materials into required sizes. After analyzing the configuration and installation of feeding equipment, we find that the installation angle and feeding distance are both closely related with the abrasion of jaw plates. When the installation angle is large and feeding distance is high, the feeding speed will increase, buffer capacity decreases, gravity increases, the blocking times of crushing cavity also increase, the abrasive area of jaw plates increases, which will accelerate the damage of jaw plates. On the contrary, when the installation angle and feeding distance is small, the feeding speed decreases, buffer capacity increases, gravity decreases, the blocking times of crushing cavity decrease, and the jaw plates abrasive area decreases, and the abrasive time also decreases.

Jaw plates are important spare parts in jaw crusher, knowing the reasons about jaw plates’ abrasion and knowing how to reduce the abrasion means a lot in extending the service life of jaw crusher. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more information.

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