3 Checks Of Cone Crusher In Production Process

As we know, the working condition of cone crusher is generally very severe, which will cause damage to cone crusher. Also, improper operation and maintenance will cause damage of cone crusher. In the production process of cone crusher, there are 3 checks we can do to reduce the abrasion.

Check The Installation

Generally, cone crusher is installed on the horizontal concrete foundation and fixed by foundation screw bolts. After installation, operators should check if the screw bolts of spare parts loosen and if the bin gate is closed. Besides, operators should also check if the main body is vertical to the horizontal level and check the power line and control switch. After making sure there is no problem in the above factors, test the cone crusher without load and then put it into production.

Check The Spare Parts

The service condition of bearings directly affects the service life and operation of cone crusher, so operators should ensure the good lubrication of cone crusher in the production process. Under normal circumstances, the temperature rise of bearings should be below 35℃, and the max temperature should not above 70℃. If the temperature of bearings is higher than 70℃, operators should stop the cone crusher and deal with it.

Check the abrasion condition of wear-resistant parts and change the damaged parts timely, especially the frame scale board. If the frame scale board damages, operators should change it timely to avoid abrasion of cone crusher case.

If cone crusher works stable, the vibration sound is not load. If there is abnormal sound or vibration in cone crusher production process, operators should stop the cone crusher immediately and check it.

Check The Material Feeding And Discharging

Check if the raw materials fed into crushing cavity meet requirements: the size of raw materials should be in allowed range and the moisture content should not be higher than 15%. During the crushing process of cone crusher, operators should check if there are impurity substances enter the crushing cavity to avoid damage.

Check the discharge condition regularly and make sure the smooth of discharge opening. Once find the final products size does not meet requirements, operators should check the abrasion damage of mantle& concave and tightness condition of V-belt.

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