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10 Operation Requirements And 6 Attentions Of Sand Making Machine


Sand making machine, also called vertical shaft impact crusher, is a very important sand making equipment. The maintenance of sand making machine is very important, here are 10 operation requirements and 6 attentions of sand making machine in the artificial sand production line.

10 Operation Specifications Of Sand Making Machine

1. Check whether the vortex cavity observation door is closed before starting the machine to prevent sand and rushing out from the vortex cavity observation door and causing danger.

2. Check the rotation direction of impeller. From the direction of the feeding port, the impeller should rotate anticlockwise; otherwise, the wiring of the motor should be adjusted.

3. The starting sequence of sand making machine and conveyor is: discharging- sand making machine- feeding.

4. Sand making machine must be started without load and can be fed after normal operation. The stopping sequence is opposite to the starting sequence.

5. The size of raw materials must meet requirements. Raw materials that are larger than requirements shall not be allowed to enter sand making machine. Otherwise, it will cause the imbalance and excessive wear of impeller, or even cause the blockage of the impeller passage and the central feeding tube, so that the sand making machine cannot work normally. So, once find out that the raw materials are too large, the operator should eliminate them in time.

6. Stop feeding raw materials in time after the vibrating feeder is stopped. Otherwise, the impeller will be crushed and the motor will be burnt out.

7. The raw materials should be fed evenly and continuously.

8. During the operation of sand making machine, there should be no violent vibration or abnormal noise, otherwise, stop the machine and check.

9. Lubrication of sand making machine: Adopt the required special grade of automotive grease, add 1/2-2/3 of the bearing cavity, and add appropriate amount of grease every shift of the sand making machine.

The tension force of the driving V-belt should be adjusted properly to ensure that the V-belt bear even force. When driven by dual motors, the V-belt on both sides should be grouped and matched so that the length of each group is as consistent as possible. The current difference between the two motors shall not exceed 15A.

6 Attentions Of Sand Making Machine

1. The normal operating temperature of the bearing box of sand making machine is 40℃~60℃, and the maximum allowable temperature is 70℃. After half an hour of operation, if the temperature exceeds 70℃, it indicates that there is some problem with the bearing box, and it should be stopped for maintenance in time.

2. When the sand making machine is running with load, the feeding size is not allowed to exceed the maximum allowable size of the equipment.

3. During the initial feeding of the sand making machine, there is usually an unbalanced process of about 30~60s. In this case, the feeding cannot be stopped, and the feeding amount should be increased as much as possible until the vibration stops. When the feeding particle is large, there will be intermittent vibration and return to normal state after a few seconds.

4. If the vibration intensifies during the operation of sand making machine, it indicates that there may be non-uniform wear between the wear-resistant parts and the rotor, which is caused by the unbalanced state between the rotor and the accumulated material, or the loose of cone sleeve of the belt pulley, etc..

We can stop the machine for inspection after making sure it is not normal vibration. In addition, we can set vibration switch installed on the sand making machine.When it detects unbalanced vibration, it can stop the machine actively before equipment damage and personnel injury.

5. The rotor wear parts of sand making machine is to protect the rotor from damage. In order to make sure the stable operation of sand making machine, operators should check the rotor wear parts and the internal material lining regularly and change the worn parts in time. Check rotor, the interior and appearance of sand making machine, and add grease to the bearing box.

6. Check the current of sand making machine. If the motor current is too large and the motor is overloaded, reduce the feed amount until the current value is back to normal.

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