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Portable Crusher Plant Green Design


In the coal working site and mineral ore processing line, it is very common to see the grey sky. How to reduce the dust pollution in these places and reduce the damage to the local environment? K series portable crusher plant’s green design will realize this target.

portable crusher plant
portable crusher plant Green Design

Increasing the spray water dust suppression device

Aiming to reduce the dust pollution to the local environment, K series portable crusher plant increases the spray water dust suppression device. The abundant kinds of equipment will be with different levels to meet clients’ different production requirements. Besides, it also increases the rubber in the discharging port and connects material port. It can effectively reduce the dust discharging and make the dust pollution be the least one.

Function of spray water dust suppression device

There are many factors affecting the dust producing in the mineral ore raw materials stocking, taking, transporting process, such as the particle distribution, moisture content, air humidity, wind speed, material flow and fall and so on. The function of spray water dust suppression device has the following two sides:

One is to increase the raw material water content, especially the surface particles’ water content. It is best to make the water content to reach 6%-8%. It will increase the particles’ weight;

The other one is to change the raw material surface particle distribution, mainly the micro size distribution, which is by water droplets or fog droplets of tiny particles of dust catcher or agglomeration. Of course, the catcher and agglomeration process, effect has relationships with liquid surface tension, mist spray size, jet nozzle type and quantity, and injection pressure and other factors.

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