Four Factors Influencing Product Size of Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Product size is the main process index to measure the quality of sand and aggregate products. Here we share four factors affecting the product size of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

1. The influence of stroke on product granularity

The stroke is the distance from the loose side discharge port to the tight side discharge port of the cone crusher. The stroke has an effect on the particle size of the product. The stroke size depends on the eccentric angle of the cone crusher. The eccentric angle of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can be adjusted according to the actual demand.

The solution is that the eccentric angle is composed of an eccentric copper sleeve with multiple keyways and an eccentric sleeve, and different eccentric angles are formed by rotating the eccentric copper sleeve corresponding to different keyways. In this way, 18mm, 25mm and 32mm strokes can be obtained. The particle size can be optimized according to the different properties of the ore and with appropriate stroke.

2. The influence of feeding mode on product granularity

Uniform circular feeding can not only improve the product particle size and processing capacity, but also make the crushing wall and mortar wall uniformly stressed and prolong the service life. In operation, uniform circular feeding can be realized by distributing tray, and the height between feeding hopper and distributing plate of the cone crusher should be adjusted properly.

When the height is too high, only a small part of the stone passes through the distributor, which cannot achieve uniform circular feeding. When the height is too low, the stone is easy to block and reduce the processing capacity. In addition, the single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can not only give full play to the capacity of the crusher, but also improve the product particle size.

3. The influence of crushing cavity type on product granularity

According to application, the improved crushing chamber not only greatly improves the product particle size, but also increases the cone crusher throughput.

The reasons are as follows:

1) The parallel area was lengthened.

The parallel zone is changed from 96mm to 145mm, which increases the crushing times of stone in parallel zone from 1-2 times to 2-3 times. The particle size will be better when stones are crushed multiple times.

2) The upper half of the crushing cavity is ladder shaped.

After the improvement, the mesh angle of the crushing chamber is changed from 22 ° to 16 °, and the decrease of the engagement angle can clamp the larger stone, prevent the stone from jumping upward during crushing, so as to improve the filling rate of the stone in the crushing chamber of cone crusher, form the laminated crushing, reduce the needle and flake content of the product stone, and optimize the particle size of the product.

Theoretically, if the meshing angle is too large, the ore will slide easily in the crushing chamber, and the production capacity will be reduced, at the same time, the wear of lining plate and power consumption will be increased; if the meshing angle is too small, the crushing chamber will be too small, and the ore capacity will be relatively reduced, which will affect the cone crusher output, and increase the manufacturing cost of the crushing equipment and the height of the machine.

4. The influence of production line layout on particle size

There are two kinds of layout of the crushing production line: open type production line is from coarse crushing to medium crushing to fine crushing, and there is no return of material; while for closed production line, from coarse crushing to intermediate crushing to fine crushing, some products are returned for second crushing after screening. The unqualified return material is broken many times, and the shape of the finished product will be better, especially the fine material product.

Choosing the right stroke of cone crusher, proper feeding mode and optimized crushing cavity to crush stone in the closed stone production line can effectively improve the product particle size.

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