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Comparison of advantages of 2 types of sand making machine


With the depletion of natural sand resources, it is an inevitable trend that manufactured sand will replace natural sand. At the same time, the development of sand and gravel mining is becoming more and more standardized and intensive. It’s necessary to select reasonable sand making machine and technology to ensure sand and gravel output and quality.

1. Sand making machine (vertical shaft impact crusher)

At present, many projects at home and abroad applies the vertical shaft impact crusher as the main sand making machine, which has the advantages of high production efficiency, good sand particle shape, low operation cost, small amount of civil engineering and installation works. It also can reshape small and medium-sized stones.

The production process is "feeding--crushing--screening--returning (or warehousing)" no matter the crushing cavity is "stone striking stone" or "stone striking iron".

Generally, when the raw material is hard to break rock and has strong abrasion resistance, the sand making machine with "stone striking iron" should be selected; when the raw material is medium or fragile rock and the abrasion is medium or weak, the sand making machine with "stone crushing iron" should be selected.

sand making machine

Advantages: high processing capacity, low noise and low energy consumption.

Disadvantages: sand fineness modulus and stone powder content and other parameters are not easy to adjust and control.

If dry production is adopted, and raw materials are fragile, stone powder content is generally high, fineness modulus is low, if the raw materials are medium or hard to be broken, the opposite is true; the grading of final products is unreasonable, there are many coarse particles, and it is necessary to form a closed-circuit circulation production with inspection and screening.

2. Tower type sand making machine

Tower type sand machine is a new way of sand making, and it is also the development trend of manufactured sand industry in the future. In order to solve the problems of unreasonable gradation, high silt content, and substandard grain shape of the traditional manufactured sand and gravel, tower type sand making machine adopts the grinding technology and waterfall shaping technology, which makes the gradation of finished sand and stone reasonable, the particle shape round, and the specific surface area and porosity of coarse and fine aggregate can be effectively reduced; meanwhile, the dry powder removal technology is adopted to make the powder content in the finished sand adjustable and controllable.

Tower type sand making machine

The tower type sand making machine occupies a small area with low site requirements. The dry process production is not limited by water source and region. With fully closed structure, it is completely isolated from the outside, low noise, no emission; air screening machine is used, which is more precise than the traditional sand making equipment, and can separate qualified sand and stone powder.

The process and equipment selection of sand and gravel processing system should be reasonably planned according to the system scale and form, surrounding environment and other conditions, and meet the requirements of advanced technology, convenient construction, reliable operation, good economy, safety and environmental protection. If you are interested about sand making machine, please contact ZENITH engineers for more information.

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