How Is A Raymond Mill Grinding Plant of Annual 300 Kilotons?

The environmental protection industry is full of vitality and rapid development now. The application field of Raymond mills – the flue gas desulfurization industry of coal-fired power plants, because of its strong demand, insufficient supply and environmental protection and other characteristics, it has become a profitable industry with rapid investment and rich returns.

ZENITH's grinding plant of Raymond mill with an annual output of 300,000 tons is completed under this background. Today, the grinding plant has been successfully put into operation for a period of time, and let’s visit the case site together.

raymond mill grinding plant

This Raymond mill plant with an annual output of 300,000 tons, located in Taiyuan, Shanxi, is mainly used to prepare desulfurizers. As early as 2009, ZENITH established a cooperative relationship with this enterprise, providing Raymond mill to process limestone, and finally used as a desulfurizer for power plants.

This Raymond mill is still running smoothly, the instrument data is stable, and the operating cost is effectively controlled. In 2017, the company needed to expand its production scale, and not only did the Raymond mill operate in good condition, but the pre-sale, mid-sale and after-sale services were very thoughtful, and the two parties reached a second cooperation because of these reasons.

Why they choose Raymond mill?

The MTW European Raymond mill is an upgraded product of the traditional one. It has been designed and devised by dozens of researchers and has broad application prospects in many fields such as metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, and mining.

MTW European Raymond mill

Let's take a look at the advantages of this mill system:

1. Large Capacity

The Raymond mill is a vertical structure with a small footprint and a strong set. It can form a production system from block material to crushed to finished powder, and the production efficiency is higher.

2. High Quality

The special production process technology ensures that the fineness of the finished powder milled by the Raymond mill is even and stable, and it can reach 95% of the required fineness. The fineness control can also be carried out by the built-in powder separator, so that the quality of the finished product is high.

3. Oil Lubrication System

The transmission device of the main unit of the Raymond mill adopts the overall transmission of the bevel gear, the transmission is stable and reliable. And the main shaft uses the oil lubrication device, which is stable and reliable in operation and simple in maintenance.

4. Environmental Protection

The unique air sealing device used by MTW Raymond Mill is effective to prevent "rough powder".  Meanwhile, MTW Raymond Mill is also equipped with a professional dust collector, which has high dust removal efficiency and low emission concentration, which is more conducive to environmental protection.

It is precisely due to its many advantages such as stable operation, high efficiency, low energy consumption, adjustable and controllable product fineness, easy equipment maintenance, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection, Raymond mill has become the preferred equipment to meet the needs of the grinding industry.

If you need more information about Raymond mill, please call or consult to leave a message, ZENITH will send professionals to answer your questions.

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