Why Choose The Mobile Crusher?

Throughout the application of crushing equipment in various projects like infrastructure, engineering construction, mining, the fixed crusher is used more widely in the process of crushing material in the past. But now, there are more and more major project adopt mobile crusher which is characteristics of more efficient, energy saving and environmental, high yield, flexible and convenient.

That is to say, mobile crusher has more advantages that the fixed crusher can’t do, such as the screening, recycling and reprocessing of urban construction waste.

Advantages of mobile crusher

1. As an integrated set of equipment units, the mobile crusher can effectively avoid complicated site infrastructure installation. This can greatly reduce the consumption of materials and working hours.

2. The layout of mobile crusher is compact, which represents it can expand the space of material stacking and transferring to some extent.

3. The mobile crusher can not only move in rough (or harsh) road environment with high mobility and flexibility, but is conducive to the construction of a reasonable area, providing a more flexible work space for the overall crushing process.

4. The mobile crusher can crusher materials directly, avoiding the intermediate links including material transport and treatment from the site to re-crushing, it greatly reduce the transport costs of materials.

5. It can equip jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher and other auxiliary equipment flexibly, able to meet various needs of users.

In addition, compared to the fixed crusher, the mobile crusher is usually better than the fixed crusher on device layout and technology, it has seen wider applications.

mobile crusher

The complete crushing and screening solution of mobile crusher

Mobile crusher is a combination of feeding, crushing, transportation and screening equipment, just like a complete crushing plant.

It has a large feeding bin and screening equipment, materials can transfer to the warehouse through automatic transmission device, and then to the crusher to be crushed. The crushed material is transferred to the automatic screening equipment to be screened. Material after the screening is delivered to the stone accumulation place by conveyor belt.

ZENITH's K series mobile crusher has 7 series of 72 models. It can be operated independently or combined with other devices to form a combined production line, which can satisfy the treatment of all kinds of materials in quarry such as limestone, granite, river pebbles, etc. In addition, K series mobile crusher is also concerned by the industry professional in the treatment of construction solid waste. It can equip with dust removal and spray dust removal. Sealing dust removal devices are also installed at inlet and outlet of feeders, vibrating screens etc., which greatly reduces dust overflow.

ZENITH also provides customers with proper mobile crusher units and reasonable solution, meeting users’ different demands by equipping proper machines.

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