Which Crusher Is Better For Pebble Crushing?

Impact crusher and cone crusher, although belong to the second crushing equipment, are placed in the coarse crushing machine. It used to complete all kinds of sand and stone materials of the second degree of fine crushing, but to carefully observe them or have a great difference, take the pebble for example, which machine is better to crush pebble?

Impact crusher: The material is crushed by collision and friction between the hammer and impact plate.In addition to the crushing function, it also has a certain effect of micro-shaping. The material particles treated by it are of uniform size, with low content of needle-flake and reasonable gradation. The size of finished product is good, and the needle flake is less.

Cone crusher: It is improved on the traditional cone crusher system, through the lamination crushing principle, so that the material is crushed.Its crushing effect is still slightly weaker than impact crusher. Although the grain shape is not very good, it is widely used in the current market due to its low energy consumption, large output and stable production.

Different specifications of stone raw materials have different hardness characteristics, so impact crusherand cone crusher in the treatment of stone crushing also has different characteristics.

Impact crusher is suitable for crushing soft stones, such as limestone, dolomite, weathered rock, etc.Cone crusher is more suitable for crushing stone raw materials of high hardness, such asriver pebbles, granite, quartz stone, basalt, etc.

Pebbles are not as soft as limestone and shale. It is recommended to choose high wear resistance equipment when selecting processing equipment, such as cone crusher. Although the treatment effect of cone crusher is not as good as that of impactcrusher,it has a strong processing capacity.In the crushing of such high hardness materials as pebbles will not produce too much wear and tear, and high output, can create higher economic benefits for investors, so the crushing of pebbles, cone crusher is a better choice.

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