What procedures are required to build a mobile crushing plant?

Mobile crusher is an ideal equipment for crushing construction wastes. Mobile crusher set feeding, crushing, transmission, processing and reprocessing equipment as a whole. It has reasonable structure and lots of functions. It overcomes the disadvantages of decentralized operation multifarious of equipment components. Compared with fixed crushing plant, mobile crushing plant can realize in-site treatment.

If you decide to build a mobile crusher, what procedures are required to?

mobile crusher
mobile crushing plant
mobile crusing plant

First, according to the project, the establishment of a legal person company is necessary.

Second, to submit the application documents of comprehensive garbage disposal project to the competent department of the local government. After the approval, you can select the site as far as possible away from the village or the downwind location of the dense population.

Third, Signed the agreement on urban waste franchising with the local government, entrusted the local qualified environmental impact assessment department to make the environmental impact assessment report, and got the approval of the local development and reform commission. Then, it can be put into construction and production after being approved by the local government.

All in all, investment in the construction wastes of mobile crushing plant not only requires business licenses, but also requires the corresponding eia procedures. Only when the procedures are complete can normal production be conducted, and only then can we enjoy the subsidies, benefits and policies given by the state.

And many investors curious of mobile crusher price. In fact, mobile crusher price will change according to the different combination of equipment.

Mobile crushing plant can customize by your needs. Different configurations of mobile crushing plant consume different raw materials, and now the price of steel and other raw materials is steadily rising. As well as the equipment manufacturer technology research and development department and after-sales service team will affect mobile crushing plant price.

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