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How to Solve the Vertical Roller Mill Roller Shell Loose Phenomenon?


In the working process, vertical roller mill will have some problems, such as the roller shell loose phenomenon. At the beginning, it is not easy to fine this problem and it makes the roller shell wear seriously. Here will analysis the reason and provide the solutions.

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vertical roller mill
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Reason of Roller Shell Loose

As we all know, the vertical roller mill roller shell is fixed by the bolt. With the grinding of materials, the bolt will be loose and then the roller shell fixed state will be loose. When the materials are grinded in the grinding cavity, the friction of materials will make the roller shell loose. If the inside part of roller shell is damaged, the roller shell also will be loose.

Reduce The Loose Frequency

In this situation, it needs clients to maintain frequently. Before each start, it needs to check the roller shell wear situation and fixed situation. It needs to check the grinding roller inside lubrication and avoid the large frication to damage the grinding roller.

How to Find the Loose Phenomenon?

Before the roller shell loose, it will have some phenomenon. When the roller shells loose, it will produce some voice. This voice is regular vibration and boring. This sound is different with the normal working machine. When you hear this voice, you need to stop this machine and check the vertical roller mill. If there is no other material, it states that this sound is from the roller shell loose.

The grinding roller from the vertical roller mill has two and the roller diameter is smaller than the millstone. When the millstone moves less than one circle, the roller will move one time. The moving speed is uniform and when the sound is appear, there will be fixed time between two sounds and it is regular.

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