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Why Your Raymond Mill Output Lower than Others?


Raymond mill is one of the widely used equipment in the milling industry. According to the statistics of the competent authorities of the industry, the share of Raymond mill in the domestic grinding equipment is as high as more than 70%. It fully shows that Raymond mill is a hot mill for sale in the market.

Although Raymond mill worked well, for a variety of reasons, some users always complained that the output of their Raymond mill was never up to the ideal state, and thefineness cannot be controlled. Why others' Raymond mill looked so wonderful?

To answer this question, first, we begin with talking about Raymond mill working principle:

1. The whole structure of Raymondmill is composed of main engine, fan, analyser and pipe dust removal system. According to the needs of users can be equipped with crusher, hoist, storage bin, electromagnetic vibration feeder, electrical control cabinet, etc.

2. After the material is crushed to the required size by the crusher, the material is sent to the storage bin by the elevator, and then the crushed material is sent to the main mill room for grinding uniformly and continuously by the electromagnetic vibration feeder.

3. Raymond mill working principleis that the grinding roller is pressed tightly on the grinding ring under the action of centrifugal force, and the material is removed by the shovel knife and sent to the middle of the grinding ring and the grinding roller. The material is broken into powder under the action of the grinding pressure.

4. Then, under the action of the fan, the powder material is blown up and processed by the analytical machine. The material that meets the fineness requirements is processed by the analytical machine, and the material that fails to meet the requirements is returned to the grinding chamber to continue grinding.

According to the working principle and actual production situation of Raymond mill, the main factors affecting the output of Raymond mill are as follows:

1. The hardness of materials
The harder the material is, the more severe to the Raymond mill. Raymond mill speed is slower, of course its capacity is small.

2. The humidity of the materials
When the water content in the material is large, the material is easy to adhere in the Raymond mill, and also easy to block in the process of conveying, resulting in the reduction of Raymond mill's grinding capacity.

3. Partical size of finished product
The fineness of the materials after grinding of Raymond mill is required to be high, that is, the finer of the materials required for Raymond mill, the smaller the Raymond mill's grinding capacity is. If customers have high requirements on the fineness of materials, they can add other equipments according to their production capacity and economic strength.

4. Composition of materials
Before Raymond mill grinding, the more fine powder contained in the material, the more influence the grinding of Raymond mill, because the fine powder is easy to adhere to affect the transportation. It is best to sift carefully in advance.

5. Material viscosity
That is, the greater the material viscosity is, the easier the material to adhere on Raymond mill.

6. The wear-resistant parts
The better the wearresistance of Raymond mill's grinding parts (hammer head, jaw plate), the greater the capacity of Raymond mill's grinding. If the parts are not wear-resistant, the output of Raymond mill will be affected.

In a word, there are many factors affecting the output of Raymond mill. Only by adjusting the specific and average situation can the production efficiency of the Raymond mill be improved.

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