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The Secret Of Sand Maker's Longevity


With increasing demand for construction sand and gravel, sand making the application has become even more widespread, but the operation will inevitably encounter various problems, the light reducing production efficiency, weight shortens equipment life,impact of the economic benefits.Sand was in operation, there are what is prohibited and what is to be done then?Read below you will understand!

1, prohibits excessive iron.

2, prohibit strip start, stop.

3, prohibit ultra-current, low-voltage operation of the machine.

4, when the machine is prohibited abnormal sound, continue to operate.

5, prohibits operation of the machine, check and adjust the machine.

6, the eccentric machine feed is prohibited.

7, into the crushing chamber bulk material is prohibited (exceeding a predetermined feed device extremely large size).

8, the operation prohibition of the lubricating oil at 15 ℃ below the crusher.

9, the lubricating oil back to the oil temperature is higher than prohibit operating the crusher 60 deg.] C.

10, prohibit running crusher lubricating oil filter is clogged.

11, a lubrication station is prohibited runtime warning lights crusher.

12, the operation is prohibited rejection unbalance wheel crusher.

13, Never start a motor and then start another motor (Sand in terms of the dual motor).

14, a lubrication station is prohibited cabinet and cabinet main organic chain does not run the crusher.

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