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Hammer Crusher Core


What is the hammer crusher?If you see the first batch hammer crusher, you might wonder: Where is the "hammer" in it?State of the World Industrial tell you that, in fact, hammer it inside the machine.Crushed stones during gravel flying, and therefore has to be crushed inside the machine, block off "Feishazoushi" in strong steel.Here, surely we all know, is the core component hammer hammer broken, the better the quality of the hammer, the more assurance crushing effect.

Hammer crusher is how to make out of it?Usually forging process, using fine steel train wheels steel (material 65Mn, impact resistance, toughness, wear resistance and difficult to break) by forging a metal blank repeated forging machine, to produce a mechanical deformation to obtain a constantperformance, certain shape and size, through a special heat treatment in the quenching method, to ensure that the hammer working area to obtain a high hardness, high wear resistance performance.It can be eliminated by forging a metal such as cast loose during smelting produced defects, optimization of the microstructure, while due to the conservation complete metal flow lines, mechanical properties of the forgings generally better casting.Forging hammer because they are inexpensive, economical and durable majority of users.

In addition, high manganese steel hammer, high-chromium alloy hammer, hammer carbide, it does also introduce universal.

Wear-resistant high manganese steel alloy hammer, reliable, wear resistance three times higher than conventional manganese steel, which is widely used in domestic hammer crusher new dry cement production line supporting large limestone crusher.With the development of wear-resistant materials, high manganese steel has gradually not suitable for the development of modern foundry industry.Is chrome molybdenum alloy steel, high chromium cast iron and Ni-hard cast iron instead.But toughness and wear-resistant high manganese steel that other materials can not match.High manganese steel hammer crusher good toughness, good processability, low cost, its main characteristic is under the effect of a large impact or contact stress, the surface layer will rapidly produce work hardening, work hardening index higher than other materials 5--7 times, wear a larger increase.However, high manganese steel crusher hammer crusher overall higher performance requirements, if a physical impact or contact with a small force is not enough stress in practice, can not quickly produce a surface hardening, so that no play due to wear thereofsex.So Wang customers prior to use should be based on the actual parameters of equipment selection, equipment can be modified to make it play MAX economic benefits if necessary.

Ge alloy hammer crusher high hardness excellent in wear-resistant material is an excellent, have been widely used in crushing machine supporting frame and the hammer crusher, the high-chromium alloy but poor toughness, there is no hammer holder supportin the case where breakage tends to occur.Hammer high chromium compound, i.e., high manganese steel hammer handle, hammer work area using high-chromium alloy, both compounded, so that the hammer head has a high hardness, and the hammer shank with high toughness, serve two fullthe respective advantages of material and overcomes the drawbacks of a single material, meet the performance requirements hammer.Particularly suitable for crushing of high hardness materials, such as quartz, basalt.But its complex manufacturing process, process requirements more stringent, the higher the price.

Compared with other materials hammer carbide, having higher hardness, impact and flexural strength, thermal fatigue resistance, good hot hardness, low cost, high crack Meng solve prone material, sealing off,chipping, off the block and so on, and has the following characteristics: 1, high wear resistance, more than 20 times higher Meng steel hammer; 2, has a good resistance to mechanical shock, thermal shock properties; 3, scopewide, basically it can be adapted to all the crushing industry.

Quality is the lifeline of the hammer of hammer crusher, hammer suitable affordable choice for the needs of the crushed material properties, can effectively improve the crushing cost of production operations.

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