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Jaw Crusher Discharge To Cause Uneven


It is well known jaw crusher is widely used in the stone crushing, because it is broken, uniform product size ratio.But the occasional case of uneven size will also appear, this time you need jaw crusher itself must also have the ability to protect themselves, so how can we prevent jaw crusher discharge unevenly?The key is to find the reason, the World State industrial technicians to analyze the following five aspects.

First, jaw displacement

After the position of the jaw are changed, the top gear and the opposing tooth, can solve the problem by adjusting the jaw.

Second, between the parts wear

After the movable jaw and bearing wear gap is too large, the bearing outer race relative rotation occurs.This time is necessary to replace the bearing, moving jaw or take feasible measures to reduce the gap moving jaw and bearing.

Third, the reverse motor circuit

Cause the machine to reverse (clockwise rotation of the movable jaw), or a dedicated motor delta connection star connection, this phenomenon is more common.Before commissioning, to carefully inspect the work and effective solution to avoid this phenomenon.

Fourth, the broken material does not meet the standards

Hardness material to be broken or human exceeds a predetermined specification range, such a problem before use to read the instructions carefully, to understand MAX hardness jaw crusher can crush material, to select a suitable machine, to avoid the above-mentioned phenomenon.

Fifth. Pai mine mouth size of the problem

The discharge opening is less than a predetermined limit, adjusting the discharge opening can solve the problem, the spacer can be adjusted by the wedge adjustment method, hydraulic pressure adjusting means for adjusting the support or the like is adjusted.

Jaw crusher mining equipment as commonly used in the machine, always act as the role of "vanguard" of its important role is self-evident, the World State Industrial and technical personnel of the above analysis for several reasons, users want to be able to prevent jaw crusheruneven discharge machine learn to play a role in helping users to effectively and quickly produce more qualified products.

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