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New Requirements For Crushing Operations In The Coal Industry


In the entire coal industry, crushing is a very important step for coal preparation and primary processing. Because it affects sales and subsequent investment, it is also linked to the economic benefits of coal companies. The improvement of coal preparation technology and the further development of market economy have put forward new requirements for traditional crushing operations, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Requirements for washing equipment

Different washing equipment has different processing granularity ranges, and the requirements of washing equipment must be met through crushing operations. For example, the heavy-medium cyclone is widely used because of its high separation efficiency and strong adaptability, and its easy production and automation. However, if the particle size of the washing product exceeds the limit, it is easy to cause a plugging phenomenon, which makes it unable to play an efficient role. The crushing operation can strictly guarantee the particle size of the feed to solve this problem.

2. Market needs

Coal users have very strict requirements on product particle size. Different users have different particle size requirements that vary with the market. If the requirements are not met, coal will be unsold or customers will refuse to pay due to excessive particle size, which will directly affect coal. Economic benefits of the enterprise. Also at different times, the prices of products with different granularity specifications are different, and enterprises must rely on effective crushing operations to obtain maximum profits.

3. Reduce excessive crushing during crushing

Excessive crushing during the crushing process will not only cause waste of resources and affect the economic benefits of coal enterprises. The increase in moisture content of pulverized coal after selection will also increase the pressure on the slime water system and reduce the actual yield of refined coal. Minimizing the output of pulverized coal has become the key to the crushing operation in the context of increased environmental protection requirements and increased pulverized coal disposal costs.

4. Need for deep processing of coal and clean coal

During the coal washing process, coal must be effectively pulverized to maximize the dissociation of Yancoal monomer, increase the specific surface area of raw materials, and improve the quality of coal (reducing ash content) , Increase heat generation), remove harmful substances such as sulfur and phosphorus in coal, and reduce atmospheric pollution caused by coal combustion.

5. Need for energy saving

The production cost of crushing and grinding operation in the ore dressing plant will account for more than 40% of the total ore dressing cost, and the investment cost of these equipment will account for about 60% of the total investment in the ore dressing plant. Although the production cost of the crushing operation of the coal preparation plant and the proportion of infrastructure investment are lower than those of the ore dressing plant, the production costs and infrastructure investment of its preparation system have a relatively large impact on the technical and economic indicators of the coal preparation plant. So reducing crushing power consumption and increasing crushing productivity is of great significance.

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