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Dust Removal Measures At The Working Site Of The Crusher


Generally speaking, the crusher will be set with similar active start and stop control effects and a central silo. This level control is divided into three types: front control, rear control and comprehensive control. The front control refers to the feeding device located at the front of the control bin, and the rear control refers to the discharge device at the rear of the control bin. Successive comprehensive control means that the central silo is equipped with three high, middle and low material level controllers to separate the material discharge and feed, so that the material level is always maintained between the high and low material level controllers.

1. The crusher equipment can adopt closed dust source + ventilation dust removal method to end the dust removal. This method has a simple process and a high level of mechanization, and can also use long-distance control, which can effectively reduce and eliminate the contact between workers and dust.

2. Dust removal during transportation: Vehicle dust is an important source of dust during the transportation of open-pit mines. The main dust-proof methods: spray water before loading, spray at the ore discharge; enhance road pavement protection, reduce the spread of ore during transportation; the main transport roads use asphalt or concrete pavement and often spray water, or add a wetting agent to the water to enhance the prevention Dust effect. You can also use a water truck to spray a dust suppressant composed of a moisture absorbent and a polymer adhesive. This dust suppressant not only absorbs moisture to form a dustproof layer, but also improves the quality of the road surface.

3. Personnel should pay attention to personal protection. After the mine has adopted ventilation and dust prevention measures, although the dust concentration can be reduced below the designated scale, a large amount of fine dust is still suspended in the air, so enhancing personal protection is an important aspect of the comprehensive dust prevention step. Personal protective equipment to avoid dust hazards is called respiratory protective gear (breathing gear for short), which can be divided into three types: clean air type, ventilation type and self-sufficient type. Dust respirator is the most widely used type of breathing apparatus in the work of mining workers, there are two types: simple and double.

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