How to Distinguish the PF and PFW Impact Crusher ?

PF series impact crusher machine and PFW series impact crusher are the basic machines used as impact crushing equipment. For clients, how to choose the most suitable machine is very important. Here will introduce the detailed differences between these two machines.

pfw impact crusher
impact crusher
impact crusher

Lid device: PF series impact crusher machine adopts the screw lid device and it needs to screw the nut with man power. PFW crusher adds the hydraulic opening device. It is very convenient to change the wear parts.

Shape difference: PF impact crusher machines are all two cavity crusher machine and do not have the hydraulic device. The impact plate screw must be adjusted by manual. With hydraulic device, it is the European type.

Plate hammer difference: PF adopts the old straight plate hammer and PFW adopts the crescent board hammer which has large contact area. PFW series impact crusher's special plate hammer wedge fixed device and it will make this machine has more reliable performance. The crescent board hammer more adopts the European one and it is with wedge fixed method. The rectangular style plate hammer more adopts the ordinary impact crusher and with the briquetting fixed way.

Square bar part: PFW impact crusher machine take off the square bar on the frame. This square bar is used to fill the board space. PFW middle board is connected and there is no space and so it does not need square bar.

Cavity number difference: PF impact crusher machine has two cavity and PFW has two cavity and three cavity. Both of them can meet coarse, medium, fine crushing requirements.

Rotor difference: PFW rotor is heavier and it has large inertance, strong impact force and high crushing efficiency. The discharging port size adjustment: PF impact crusher is with manual adjustment and PFW is with hydraulic adjustment. Through hydraulic device, it can quickly adjust impact plate and rotor distance.

Price difference: the same size model will be 20% difference. Large scale PF impact crusher has the almost same price with smaller size PFW impact crusher machine.

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