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The Application Of Sand Making Machine Is Diversified


With the continuous rise of infrastructure such as construction, railways and highways, the demand for sand making machines is increasing. It is generally believed that machined sand is sand and gravel produced by sand making equipment. Generally used raw materials are limestone, river pebble, construction waste and ore waste.

Because infrastructure construction is about people's lives and property, the requirements for aggregates are very demanding. The sand and stone processed by the sand-making equipment using hard materials are an ideal aggregate. It fills the shortcomings of increasingly scarce natural sand and limited transportation. Now take river pebble as an example to explain the application of sand making machine.

River pebble has a hard texture and uniform particles. Sandstone made by sand makers is widely used by producers and builders. The sand and stone produced by the sand making machine has a uniform particle size and high compressive strength, which is more in line with the standard for building sand than natural sand and hammer production. River pebble is generally crushed and processed into sand and gravel by a sand production line consisting of a feeder, a jaw crusher or an impact sand making machine, a sand making machine, a vibrating screen, a conveyor, and a sand washing machine. The sand and stone produced by this sand production line can save 50% energy and be more efficient than traditional equipment.

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