Lubricant For Mobile Crusher

The mobile crusher's process of material is not only affected by the operation steps, but also by the lubrication effect. To achieve good lubrication effect, it is also necessary to choose a suitable lubricant. How to choose the lubricating oil needed in its production?

First, it has something to do with the mobile crusher model

There are different types of lubricating oils. These different types of lubricating oils have different functions and lubricating effects, and can complete the lubrication requirements for different equipment. The combination of mobile crushers and such equipment is also diverse. When selecting the lubricating oil of the machine, it is very important to refer to the equipment model. Otherwise, the selected lubricating oil cannot achieve a reasonable lubrication effect, and the production effect and service life of the machine will be greatly affected;

Secondly, it has to do with weather conditions

Due to the harsh working conditions of mobile crushers, most of which are in open air, the working process of the crusher will be affected to a large extent by weather conditions, one of which is the effect on the lubrication effect, such as in summer When the weather temperature is high, if the ignition point of the lubricating oil is relatively low at this time, then the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion is easy to occur. For example, in winter, the freezing point of the lubricating oil should be lower than the local temperature, otherwise it is easy to cause new solidification. Phenomenon, whether it is spontaneous combustion or solidification, will reduce the lubrication effect, which is not conducive to the lubrication of mobile crushers;

The working process of the mobile crusher has a great relationship with the lubrication of the lubricating oil. Whether the selection of the lubricating oil is appropriate is the fundamental influencing factor of the lubricating effect. In view of this point, when the lubricant was selected, the two The factors that need to be considered are the model of the equipment and the weather conditions. As far as the weather conditions are concerned, different types of lubricants need to be selected under different climatic conditions, so as to ensure a reasonable lubrication effect and further ensure mobile crushing. Machine life, and proper working performance.

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