Reasons For Jaw Crusher Production Failure

During the production process of the jaw crusher, the phenomenon of substandard output will reduce the production efficiency, and the substandard output is not necessarily a problem of equipment quality, or it may be caused by faults in production. Here is to introduce What are the reasons for the phenomenon of compliance, and how to solve the problem.

Cause one: The hardness or toughness of the processed material exceeds the equipment requirements. This phenomenon refers to the phenomenon that the nature of the input material exceeds the processing range of the jaw crusher, which increases the difficulty of production and then reduces the production capacity. The solution is to replace or increase the jaw crusher;

Cause two: The motor wiring is incorrect. There are three main manifestations: the motor wiring position is reversed, the host is driven in reverse (the jaw rotates clockwise), and the triangle connection of the motor is connected to the star connection. These methods make the jaw broken. The machine cannot work normally, so its production capacity is reduced. The solution is to correct the motor wiring;

Cause three: The discharge port is less than the specified limit, so the processed material cannot be discharged in time, which not only causes a decline in production capacity, but also easily causes blockages. The solution at this time is to adjust the discharge port so that Within the scope of the instructions;

Cause four: The displacement of the jaw plate, the phenomenon that the tooth top is opposite to the tooth top will also cause the decline of the jaw crusher production capacity. At this time, the solution is to check the tooth plate size. If it does not meet the standard, the jaw plate needs to be replaced. In addition, it is necessary to adjust the relative position of the fixed jaw plate and the movable jaw plate to ensure that the top of the tooth is fixed to the root of the tooth, and to prevent the displacement, so as to ensure the smooth production process of the equipment;

Reason five: The voltage at the work site is too low. For the jaw crusher, the production process relies on the drive of the voltage. If the voltage is too low, the equipment cannot be put into normal working state, and the production capacity cannot be achieved at this time. Meet the expected requirements, the solution at this time is to increase the working site voltage to adapt to the host's heavy load requirements;

Cause six: The gap between the moving jaw and the bearing is too large, which causes the bearing outer ring to rotate relatively. For the jaw crusher, the processing of the material is actually the assisting effect between different parts. If the gap between the jaw and the bearing is too large, then the cooperation between different parts is not good, and the expected production capacity cannot be achieved. The solution at this time is to replace the bearing or the movable jaw;

The above mainly introduces the reasons for the failure of the jaw crusher production capacity. First, it analyzes the harm of the failure phenomenon-the decline in production efficiency, and then introduces the reasons for the failure. The introduction of each reason is more detailed, and specific solutions are also given. Only by solving the phenomenon that the production capacity does not meet the standard, can the production efficiency be guaranteed.

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