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Site Requirements For Sand Maker Installation


Whether the installation of the sand making machine is standardized determines whether the production process can be carried out smoothly. The requirements of the installation process are not only the requirements for the installation steps, but also the requirements for the installation site. The analysis here is the site requirements. What's the problem.

The first is the choice of terrain

The installation site of the sand making machine is required to have a certain slope, which is beneficial to reduce the amount of earthwork. In addition, when the machine is selected, the natural drop height of the inlet floor and the installation floor, the shape and footprint of the floor The area also has a lot of attention. The combination of these different factors can ensure good installation and stable operation;

Second is the requirement for area

The requirements for the area of the sand making machine are mainly because the production of the machine is carried out in a complete production line. This production line requires a large area, and the area of the site is mainly composed of equipment installation land, feeding and output. The location of the material inlet, the entrance and exit of the site and the transportation and transportation in the site, product storage methods, product specifications and storage capacity, generator room, warehouse, living facilities, guard room and other factors are jointly determined. These factors include the sand making machine. The production area also includes the land required for workers' lives, etc., each of which needs to be calculated;

Again the requirements for the location of the venue

When the sand making machine is produced, there should be mining resources around the site where it can be mined for a long time, so as to ensure that the investment is more valuable. Otherwise, the disassembly and movement of the equipment is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also not conducive to the return on investment. In addition, considering the living needs of the workers of the sand making machine, there should be a water source near the site where the equipment is located, so as to ensure the living water supply of the workers, and the factory area should be far from the residential area;

The analysis of the requirements of the sand maker installation on the site is carried out from three aspects, namely, the requirements for the terrain, the requirements for the area, and the requirements for the location of the site. From the analysis, it can be seen that these aspects have a bearing on the system. The production of sand machines and the lives of the staff have an important role, so the selection of the site must be carried out strictly.

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