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Some Mills Start Slowly


For the stone mill, when it is used, it needs to be started smoothly to achieve the crushing of the material. However, there are many reasons that will cause its slow start, which will cause greater damage to the equipment. Here is the reason for this phenomenon.

Cause one: If the power of the motor is not enough, then when the stone mill is started, there will be a strange animation phenomenon. This is because the motor is the driving force for the operation of the mill. Operation, thus extending the startup time of the equipment, or even causing it to fail to start, so ensuring that the power of the motor is appropriate is an important operation to prevent the equipment from starting slowly;

Cause two: If the current is large when the mill is started, the phenomenon of strange animation will also occur, and if the current itself is unstable, it will cause the contactor, circuit and motor to burn out, which will damage the equipment. It will cause a large impact. If this situation occurs for a long time, the service life of the device will be shortened, so it is necessary to ensure the stability of voltage and current before starting;

Cause three: If the milling machine is started at an incorrect start method and sequence, it will also cause a slow start. In addition, to ensure that the startup process is smooth, all the access doors of the equipment can be started before startup. Check closely to see if there is residual material in the machine, and adjust the direction of the fan and the host at the same time. In addition, the exhaust valve of the mill and the state of the screws and bolts need to be checked. When the machine is turned on, follow the lift Machine-crusher-analysis machine-host-feeder sequence, otherwise it will cause greater damage to the equipment;

The article mainly introduces the reasons for the slow start of the stone mill. There are three main reasons. About the reasons and solutions for these three aspects, the detailed analysis is given above. Generally speaking, the external conditions are Appetite has a great impact, so if you want to start the machine smoothly, you must ensure that all aspects meet the startup requirements.

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