Mill Feed Too Much What Will Happen?

In the production of the mill, the requirements for the feed are relatively strict. This includes the nature and speed of the feed. Any unreasonable aspect will cause changes in the production schedule or production effect. For a long time, what are the problems with the damage caused by the equipment.

1. Inside the mill, the crushing process of the materials depends on the grinding roller ring and the blade. These parts have the problem of wear in the normal working environment. If there is too much feed, then Will increase the working intensity of these parts, which will accelerate their wear and tear and affect their service life;

2. If the mill feeds too much, it is easy to cause a blockage of the feed port or the conveying pipe. Such a blockage phenomenon will cause the production to be impossible, so it will naturally affect the production efficiency of the equipment;

3. Regardless of the type of milling machine, its processing capacity is limited. If the material is fed too much, it will increase the workload of the equipment. When it reaches a certain level, it will cause the equipment to be stuffy. Machine phenomenon, if it is serious, it will burn the motor and other accessories;

The article introduces the hazards of too much feed of the mill, mainly in three aspects. The above is more detailed. In the actual production process, in order to reduce the impact of excessive feed on the production, it is necessary to In production, the quantity of feed is strictly controlled. Of course, a small amount of feed will also affect production. Continuous and uniform feed must be ensured, and the nature of the feed must be strictly controlled to ensure the production. Smoothly.

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